Event 28358 - Accidental Doubled Request

I created a POAP and set the number of uses to 219 (which then awarded me 219 individual links to email to people, which I cannot as email wasn’t the intended method for claiming) I then went in and correctly set up 219 wallet addresses which are intended to claim the POAP – after chatting with Dyllon on the main site to get that list of wallet addresses set up correctly, we discovered my goof.

It seems unlikely this would get approved as I inadvertently already asked for keys, and he suggested I post here explaining this snafu to help alleviate any concerns as to why I was asking for the same number of mints twice-over. Please let me know if there’s further information needed :slight_smile:

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Hey @pawsrpg! :wave:

Thanks for clarifying!
Can you please provide more information regarding the event you’re hosting? If you have any links, socials, or more event info, it would be most appreciated.

The POAP Curation Body

Hello @Fio – I’m happy to provide some additional information :slight_smile:

Beginning January 21st, MoonCats holders had one week to join the Flight List (whitelist) for the STARKADE NFT, a partnership between ponderware and the Starkade team. Furthermore, anyone who then went on to actually mint a STARKADE NFT were then entered into a draw for an additional STARKADE minting; we noted at the time it was our intention to distribute a POAP to those who did both which was planned for after the STARKADE reveal and equipping ceremonies.

Minting of STARKADE occurred on January 31st:

Limited to two links per post, so explanation continued here –

Reveal on February 5th: https://twitter.com/STARKADEworld/status/1490076467337875456

Equipping on February 12th: https://twitter.com/STARKADEworld/status/1492605563401822217

Limited to two links per post, so explanation continued here –

We’ve used a POAP in the past to celebrate a special event in the MoonCats community, which is why you came to mind for this as well: POAP ✈️ | 🐱 MoonCatKeyVoter

If this does not adequately address the question please let me know!

Hey @pawsrpg
Thanks for all the info!! :slight_smile:

Your delivery request has received a positive review, congrats! :rocket:

You’re all ready to go.

The POAP Curation Body