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I am confused. I requested 100 manual mint links and received 50. I requested 100 because last time I did an event I requested 100 Secret Word mints- got approved- and then I was cut off at less than 50 during my event. To avoid farming and issues with secret word I requested 100 Manual links this time.

We are so careful and were caught off guard 2 weeks ago when our minting of secret word was inexplicably cut off in the middle of our show. I had to request manual links to ensure those who attended received their POAP. I’d like to avoid this embarrassment for our event on Wednesday.

THank you,

Hey @Schmupergirl,
Curators are concerned about farming, and It was noted that your latest drops may have experienced some farming issues. We recommend to deliver this 50 links and request more in case you need them.

Thanks for being careful, we really appreciate your effort :slight_smile: Properly honor those first 50 mint links & the Curation Body will consider your request for additional codes.

The POAP Curation Body

We don’t believe we were subject to farming given the amount of mints in real time matched our attendee numbers. I monitor this. This was of course before POAP cut off our secret word minting. We are super vigilant and would love to understand what made POAP believe we were farmed?

Hey @Schmupergirl,

Event #25476 (Check Gallery: POAP Gallery) was heavily farmed.
Please contact our Customer Support team, they will help you find the best distribution method for your events. You can chat with them via the chat bubble at the POAP website: https://poap.xyz/

The POAP Curation Body

I am good on how to distribute. And with all due respect- we were not “heavily farmed”. I watched the distribution.We are extremely careful. Also, we only were able to distribute 1/2 of what we were allotted. I dont want to argue or be difficult but to direct people to learn how to issue POAPS without a substantive response as to what gave you the impression we were heavily farmed is a bit patronizing.

We respect the POAP team and the process immensely. We issue in our descriptions how committed we are to the process and ethical distribution. We take way more safeguards in distribution than most of the events we attend where POAPs are issued.

Thank you for understanding that not all of us are out here feeding POAP farmers. Punishing us for other people’s bad behavior is difficult to receive. We will continue to vigilant.

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We really appreciate the efforts :slight_smile: Our intention is that you will be able to further a strong relationship with your community.

Remember it’s not only the distribution method, it’s also about the time frame a secret word is opened (some farmers share the secret word in groups). We recommend the secret word only available for 10-15 minutes.

We are not here to punish, we are here to educate and help issuers building stronger communities. I’m sorry if it sounded disrespectful, it wasn’t the intention.

The POAP Curation Body