Event: #26429 Request

Event: #26429 - chaindler.eth - One of the First 50 Twitter Followers - 2022

Appreciating first 50 Twitter with a POAP followers after holding a 1on1 sessions with them (no more Twitter POAPs after that one :wink:)

Distribution: share link via dm

requested codes: 50

thank you :hugs:

Hey @chaindler,
This drop is nice, but doesnโ€™t quite comply with the POAP Quality Guidelines as youโ€™re not hosting an event to distribute the POAP. POAPs can be issued for special events and memorable moments of all sizes, physically or virtually, provided good cause to do a drop.

As a result, the POAP Curation Body made a negative review of your petition.

Here you can find some useful resources for future drops:

The POAP Curation Body

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