Event# 24908 Growth Mindset Mecca Presented by: TheStarsPodcast.com February 1, 2022 8:30PM

Requested 50 Secret Word Mints
Delivery Method: Twitter Spaces Live Event. Secret word will be distributed at the end of the show to our listeners by the host Ron Jordan.

Congratulations on becoming part of the Tuesday Live Crew! The Growth Mindset Mecca Twitter Spaces show is our listeners conduit to meet our guests of the podcast in real time. The live show gives a “green room” or “VIP” feel allowing the burning questions they have from the podcast episode while providing alpha to our audience. This is a live, once a week show only and never recorded. You have to be here to get the POAP. This proves that you were here first! Well done. Please consider joining our discord as well to keep up to date with our show and claim your Tuesday Live Crew Role. See you next Tuesday!

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Do I need to put these threads in for each event that i create a POAP for? I do not want to jam up the system unnecessarily.


It’s not necessary to publish a thread every time you submit a POAP petition, we created it to solve any problem that may arise.
Also, if you have any questions before submitting a petition, you can chat with the POAP customer support team via the chat bubble on poap.xyz


The POAP Curation Body.