Event # 22734 WomenTribe AMA/hangout EP3

POAP I have a request for 200 secret phrase codes for this event. but i also wanted to request 50 code links to use for back up. Our last 2 events some people had issues with claiming by secret phrase and i was able to send them link codes instead via direct messaging. I did not want to mess up the approval process by making this request for the extra 50 code links while waiting for approval for the 200 phrase codes so i thought i’d ask 1st. Is this a valid request? so in short i’m asking for approval for the 200 secret phrase codes, and then a additional 50 code links to be approved.

my email used to create event #22734 is jashonmills.eth@yahoo.com and the event will be 01/15/2022

Hey @jashonmills,
That’s a valid request. It’s good to have some mint links to give out to people directly.
Your request got a positive review by the curation body.

so should i go ahead and do the request for the 50 link codes through the back office channel ? and i’m very happy they took my request well.

i saw in the back office chat i was in that he said yes go ahead and request the 50 link codes so that request has been made. and FYI now that i have figured out this discourse site i find it to be very effective and thank you and your team for the help


Your request was reviewed with a positive result ! :slight_smile:
And i’m happy that like this new approach.