Event #21310 : Wilderness - First Kill - January 2022

Requesting 1000 more claim codes for the following event:

Link : POAP Gallery
Title: Wilderness - First Kill - January 2022
Description : This POAP will be given out to players of Wilderness, a p2e combat game in Decentraland, if they have killed at-least 1 other player in combat area.
Method of Distribution: Custom Giveaway of links on Decentraland, after verification of requirements of the POAP via a centralized server.

This event is similar to another of our events that got approved recently : https://discourse.poap.xyz/t/event-21309-wilderness-muggle-no-more-january-2022/

We are essentially using POAPs as game badges for certain accomplishments, rather than just going to a location in decentraland and claiming them. We believe this has been great in ensuring that the POAPs are not farmed while genuine attendees are rewarded at the same time.

Hey, positive review granted :slight_smile: have fun!