Email used missing a letter

Hi, I make daily POAPs for Noun O’ Clock at The Noun Square and today I used an email with a missing letter on a bunch of new events I created. The email address is missing the letter i off the end of my name in the first part of it, you’ll see it is just benbodh rather than benbodhi.

I have renamed one event title to include (PLEASE DELETE WRONG EMAIL) and created a new event using the correct email in hopes that I can have it approved in time for the event in about 4 hours (it has since been approved after writing this post initially).

Event ID 64141 can be cancelled/deleted.
Event ID 64157 replaces it (this one has been approved and is ready now, thank you).

However, I created a number of events, pasting the same wrong email in the field for them all and only noticed when I did not receive the confirmation of creating the events emails.

The following events are all perfect except the email is missing a single letter.
Dyllon has flagged this internally for your attention.

I’m hoping to get the email updated on these events/petitions to my correct one:

Please halp :pray:

hello @Benbodhi

You are going to have to resubmit for each of these petitions due to the email error.

Thank you!

Hi there,

Yeah, I gathered, thank you.

It would be super nice to be able to get in touch and edit that email field though. It’s very inefficient (of course at user’s fault) to recreate all events and secret words if it’s a week worth or more at a time… because we do these daily. Maybe it’s a unique case to need so many all the time.

But not to worry, I have been creating them all again.

Thank you

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