Edit Delivery error message stating the Edit Code is Invalid

1. Drop ID
Event #48127

2. Community information
Website: https://www.apollocrypto.org/
Contest Website: https://app.apollocrypto.org/

3. Nature of the event
Weekly online web3 contest

4. Distribution plan
Will use the Delivery method with whitelisted address.

5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
I do not think the Drop is being held back.

I am trying to update the Delivery information and add more whitelisted addresses. However, when attempting to “Add addresses” or “Save changes” an error message is thrown stating: “Invalid code. Please check the edit code and try again”.

I have checked and double-checked to make sure the correct Edit Code is being used.

Please advise on why the Edit Code is considered invalid

Hey @hegemony

Due to the snapshot nature of POAP Deliveries, the list of addresses cannot be updated by issuers after the petition is submitted, and test deliveries are typically not approved.

You can create a new Delivery petition with all the addresses.
How did you collect them?

If that is the case, why do the form and UI indicate that you can?

This is my biggest gripe with POAP. The experience of creating and distributing POAPs is so confusing. There are no indicators when information can or cannot be edited later. Or the indicators are wrong.

Hey @hegemony

Yes, I’m sorry. We’re updating our UI/UX soon.

In the meantime, we offer support via the Help Center