DXdao - CPHFlames POAP #27792

This morning DXdao announced its partnership with CPHFlames, an esports org based out of Denmark.

As part of the announcement, we wanted to onboard new users (CPHFlames fans) into web3. We were particularly excited to do so through the use of POAPs, as you provide the option for people to claim POAPs though an email address and then guide them on setting up their wallet – an ideal way to onboard new users into web3.

As the announcement was done today and we are hosting an event to announce it in person at ETHDenver, we opened the POAP from today for 72 hours, with the intention of sharing the access across our communities (CPHFlames and DXdao) as well as during our in-person event. Alongside the announcement, CPHFlames included the link to the POAP on twitter. See: https://twitter.com/CPHFlames/status/1493213858793758721?t=IkmIuzroDNHOb0CNkXjvXA&s=19

I understand that this is not a great way to distribute POAPs, while it does specifically target our target audience (CPHFlames fans) the link being publicly available opens the door to abuse.

DXdao has been a long-time user of POAPs. I understand that the distribution method above was not ideal, neither for POAP nor for us. However, I believe the reaction to the tweet is overblown. I was personally messaged by the @poapxyz stating that:

The whole of DXdao is now banned from using POAP and that our campaign is a “pathetic engagement farming campaign”.

Before I could respond I was blocked by the account.

  1. How can a whole organisation be banned from a web3 service for a tweet not even shared by that org?
  2. Is it polite to refer to a POAP distribution as “pathetic engagement farming campaign”? We weren’t looking for any engagement, no likes, retweets or anything else was required. We just wanted to onboard new users into web3.

I wanted to come to the forum to see how this matter can be resolved. We would still really like to use POAPs, and definitely want to do a better job at targeting our audience, as we also plan to do giveaways based on the POAPs, and obviously don’t want to have farmers skew all our giveaways.



Hey @dlabs.eth,
Your petition was positively reviewed for 500 codes, and they were heavily farmed (Please check gallery).
As you mentioned, the link being public, opens the door to abuse.

Regarding your questions:

  1. You’re not banned from using POAP. You can submit a new petition, as long as it complies our Quality Guidelines you’re likely to receive a positive review. Remember to check the size of the petition as well as the distribution method.
  2. We sincerely apologize if the team used this language. We will do an audit, to ensure this does not happen again.

You are always welcome to issue POAPs. Our intention is that you will be able to further a strong relationship with your community.

The POAP Curation Body