Drops #29365 and #29738

On Sunday I created a drop (#29365) for 1000 links and by the end of the event, (by which time the links.txt had not arrived) I realised we only needed 392 urls.
I raised a support topic requesting that the number be reduced from 1000 to 400 and have heard nothing back since.
In an attempt to satisfy our community, I have since created another drop (#29738) with only 400 links, but this too seems to be stuck somewhere in the works.

This is quite concerning as pretty much every prior drop for our weekly voice events has been approved in less than an hour.

Could someone from the team please get back to me on this as while the POAP platform is totally awesome, hurdles like this aren’t so good and create a lot of consternation.


Congrats your drop has been reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy:

We apologize for the delay & inconvenience. We appreciate your patience :pray:

Curation was holding the mint links. There was come confusion as to why there was a new petition
given your prior petition had been given a positive review.

We wish you all the best!!
The POAP Curation Body.


Thankyou ser!

I mean, Fucking Legend!

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