DROP REQUEST - #43642 - Flex in the Metaverse - VanEck x Brandverse - 2022

Hello, please approve the request for the POAP drop: #43642 - Flex in the Metaverse - VanEck x Brandverse - 2022

The drop will be done through website. The website will be ACTIVE ONLY DURING THE LIVE INTERVIEW of Van Eck to our CEO on youtube. We asked 300 POAPs has Van Eck is very well known, and because every POAP issued by Brandverse in the last months was collected always by at least 150 users.
We will create a QR code, that will lead to the website, so the users will be able to interact with the live interview, scan it, and get on the web page.

This is the 15th poap we issue, and we know how to avoid farming and any other risks. We will Deactivate the site as soon as the interview finish.

Please approve this request.

More info about Brandverse here, we are working closely with the POAP team, and meet them at every conference.



We love POAPs and we are using them to engage our community in our activities and AMAs.

Thank you

Hey @Siberia7922

Congrats, looks like your website petition received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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