Drop ID: 91422 | Requesting help to have more links

  1. Drop ID: 91422

  2. Community information
    We’re a small startup in Colombia (Peewah). We are sponsoring an important event in Colombia for influencers. We want to give their first NFT to thousands of influencers which will be attending this event. We think the best way to do this is through POAP.
    Website: https://peewah.co

  3. Nature of the event
    Next week will be happening Instafest which is the most important event in Colombia for influencers. We will be there doing an experiential activation and we want to use this opportunity to get them into Web3 by giving them a POAP of our company for free.

  4. Distribution plan
    The easiest way to getting POAPs to individuales is by giving them a physical card where we will put each QR code. We will make them download the POAP app and make them to scan the QR code we’re giving to each one of them. This is important because we need to print all the 3000 QR codes this week to have everything ready for the next week.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I think our petitions has been denied because you think we will use a delivery method like a kiosk and you think we will be able to request more links when we are reaching 200 which is our available quota. However we’re going to print all the QR codes previous to the event, so we need to have all 3000 links ready this week to be able to print them all. Probably we also made a mistake when we tried to solve this issue by creating the same drop several times in order to have 2000 links. We need your help because this is a huge opportunity to introduce POAP to thousands of influencer in Colombia.

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