(Drop ID: 83579) my drop received a negative review due to "other duplication"

  1. Drop ID 83579
  2. ITEPSUR - http://itepsur.org.
  3. Course on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  4. Distribution plan “website”
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I submitted a drop aplication (Drop ID 83542). I was asked by the course coordinator to make same minor changes (text allignment and font color). This drop was approved by I the uploaded the current drop. It is there that I received the negative review.

Hello @ADF123

The website is not the proper distribution method
you will have to navigate to this link and request more codes:

you will use these codes with the POAP KIOSK Dispenser

Hi Julie. Thanks for the quick response. Okey with te method. However, My Main issue si with the negativo revise the drop received. Could You help me with that please?

Hello @ADF123

You are going to have to create a new drop

and request mint links

Julie, sorry to keep on bothering with this issue, but the distribution method of Kiosk wont work for this event. This was a class I gave to several students, none of which have a Wallet, even more the POAP app downloaded. The website method is the most suited for the attendees of this event. Please, could you reconsider the possibility of allowing the drop through website?

Hello @ADF123

People have to have an eth wallet address or email address to claim - so the POAP KIOSK is valid
you can also email the mint links to them as well.


Due to inactivity, this thread will close if you do not reply soon.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body