Drop ID: 81579 - Appealing negative review

  1. Drop ID: 81579
    We applied for POAP six days ago and received a negative review, here is the information about this event, we would be grateful if we could receive a positive response!

  2. Community information
    DigiFun Decentraland events:

DigiFun x 01a1 Wearable Gallery

DigiFun: https://twitter.com/DigiFun_?s=20&t=o_6W4_IP9WRxhINwqW0d4g
Discord: DigiFun DAO

01a1: https://twitter.com/01a1official
Discord: 01a1

  1. Nature of the event

Wanting to expand beyond the experiment with traditional gallery function, we asked: what would a digital gallery look like? This question led us on a multi-month journey during which we collaborated with an amazing group 01a1.

The result is a wearable galley, and highlights differences between different metaverse, and how digital experience pushes us to rethink the often artificial spatial segregation of art along the lines of dominant classification schemes such as aesthetic style, medium, identity, etc.

DigiFun Gallery is a new building in Decentraland created by DigiFun designers in collaboration with the project partner 01a10fficial at the coordinates (17, -65).

The DigiFun gallery captures an individual’s creativity , while together, the pieces reflect a broad scope of creative expression not often seen in the same context. Throughout the duration of the gallery, DigiFun will provide opportunities to get closer to art via artist interviews, asking questions directly to the viewers about their own take on virtual life identities.

Day 1: Opening ceremony
Day 2: Chinese community meet and greet
Day 3: Meet and greet with Digifun creators / 01a1 creators Panel talk with 01a1 + meet the team behind ‘Maya water park’ to learn more about sandbox and their game, how the metaverses can come together.

  1. Distribution plan

We would like to request 200 links for this event.
We decided to use the mint link. People who come to this event will take a picture, leave their wallet address and tweet it to @DigiFun__, and we will send the POAP to their address manually.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

Here are the first few times DigiFun held an event that was active. People who came to the event took pictures and left their wallet address , which we used to verify their attendance and distribute POAPs.

We would like to request 200 links for this event, we would appreciate a positive response and thank you for your attention!


Hello @DigiFun

Please fix the artwork using the specifications in this document:

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Thank you for your reply, we found that the poap image size is over 500, but the poap image is not editable. We have changed the image size but can’t upload it, so do we need to make a new application?

Hello @DigiFun

yes you need to make a new application

We submitted a new application with the correct size figure with the id 83296.We would be very appreciative if we could get a positive response.Thanks!

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Hey @DigiFun
We’re happy to check on the status of your petition.

We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

Hello @DigiFun

Are you going to use a DCL dispenser to distribute the mint links?

Hi Julie

Yes,we are!

Hello @DigiFun

I saw your email reply as well! Thank you for that.
I will pas this info along the Curators and we will get back to you ASAP!

Thank you so much!

I attended many events of Digifun. I totally agree with what Digifun team wrote above. I think that the poap demand of Digifun team should be met. In a big metaverse project like Decentraland, they organize serious events.

Hello @DigiFun

Please resubmit a petition for 100 mint links to start.
No further action can be taken on the current petition because it was rejected.

Thank you for your support! :wink: