Drop ID# 79316 Website instead of Kiosk

  1. Drop ID – 79316

  2. Community information – This is a POAP for an event with Michelle Cordeiro Grant, in collab with Crypto Chicks community

  3. Nature of the event
    Michelle is a notable female founder in the CPG brand space launching a web3 podcast and hosting a dinner to help onboard people. We’re planning to use POAP as a helpful onboarding tool.

  4. Distribution plan
    We do not have tech support or screen access at the restaurant, so we will need to have a single QR code that guests can scan printed on a leaflet.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I totally understand the general policy to use Kiosk at an IRL event, but unfortunately we do not have the ability to have a screen or tablet available to guests at dinner. We really need to have the POAP website accessible through a single QR code so that this is as low friction as possible. I’ve been a guest at many events where there is a single QR code scanned to claim the POAP and it is the exact right fit for the event that we’re having. This will be many guests first time interacting with anything blockchain based, and we’re very excited to use POAP as their intro explainer, but we really need it to be as low friction as possible.

Hello @madilieber

While the POAP KIOSK (Magic QR Code Dispenser) is the proper distribution method for the event - you do have the ability to print out individual QR codes to manually distribute to participants.

You stated:

Handing people a printed individual QR code seems to be the best way for you to go!
I have done this in the past and it has worked out great. I found that the printed QR code was less intimidating to people who aren’t familiar with the POAP and how they are claimed.

I used POAPs.agency
and it worked perfectly!

Hi Julie, unfortunately the date of the event passed. This wasn’t an option as there wasn’t an easy way to have individual QR codes printed and ensure that each guest only had one//didn’t re-use somebody else’s.

We’re going to be sending a follow up email to the guest list, and really the only way for us to be able to distribute these is now either with secret password, single QR code, or single website link.

I’m a huge fan of POAPs and really want to find a way to make this work!

Hello @madilieber

If you are sending emails to people why don’t you just email the mint link to them?

That’s the goal, I would like to email them the mint link - a single mint link. Unfortunately, I only have the individual mint links, and the PR team is not familiar with mail merge, so they would need to do them individually and that’s not feasible for this size group.

Hello @madilieber

I understand. Mail merge, such as https://yamm.com/ is the way forward in this instance.

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All the best,
The POAP Curation Body