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    Spatial - Metaverse Spaces That Bring Us Together

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My supply is capped at 25, but we need at least 100 more as the guests keep coming and thre is no more POAPs. I received the info from POAP that i re-used a design, but i didn’t know that this would be an issue as it’s exactly the same token as before, but i’m only trying to get more mints.

Thank you for helping and hope you can solve it asap.

Hey @crnft

This is Fiorella of the POAP Curation Body.

Curators approved your original petition #70148 for 25 POAPs based on your history:

POAP Gallery - 13 mints

POAP Gallery - 24 mints

After that, the top-up was rejected because the drop was compromised. Check out all the addresses with tremendous numbers of POAPs: POAP Gallery

“QR scan” isn’t a distribution method that Decentraland supports, we wonder how you distributed the POAPs at DCL?

Last, but not least:
There are some improvements you could apply for your future drops:

  • Artwork: add date, number of event or any copy to make it unique.
  • Distribution: for Spatial events, you can use the POAP Kiosk. Simply share your screen during the event and distribute the Mint Links with a dynamic QR code. Here you can find a step-by-step guide.
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Thank you so much for the feedback Fio.

Indeed we used POAP Kiosk and screen-shared it, but to be honest we didn’t end up distributing in Decentraland because adding custom Livestream was too complicated.

Hope we can do a better job next time!

If you have more advice please share