Drop ID #65642 - Did a test with my POAP image and when I set the official one it got rejected

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  2. Community information
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    Justin Aversano’s Quantum Opens Physical NFT Gallery in LA to ‘Uplift Other Artists’ - Decrypt

  3. Nature of the event
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    Launching a new project called Quasars

  4. Distribution plan
    How are you planning on getting POAPs to individuals?
    Through specific channels in Discord or Twitter (Spaces)

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
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    Because I did a test with the official image, not knowing I can’t reuse that when I program the official POAP (even if I set the test as a private drop);

We’re trying to use a weekly POAP (for 4 weeks) for our community members who are active and want to engage with the launch of our new product, Quasars. We prepared the content for the 1st week, but was not confident enough to do the POAP directly so we did a test (private drop).
Also, during the test we asked for codes by mistake, when we actually wanted a website.

When we acknowledged the error, we created another POAP drop with 0 links and a website (where we requested 450 POAPS). So, this time we did it the right way - but it was rejected because of the image being a duplicate ( I presume?).

Pls let me know if addtional info is needed.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello. I am having problems with my drop too. I was advised to post on some threads so that my account will be seen.

Hello @samovarul

Your drop did not get reviewed negatively due to duplicate artwork.

Hello @samovarul

  1. The website is not the proper distribution method for what you are trying to do.
  2. The Discord channels require mint links and a bot like GUILD.XYZ or POAP KIOSK (Magic QR Dispenser)
  3. The Twitter Spaces require a Secret Petition.

Each of these has specific guidelines and ways to create them.

Please read the following and let me know how you would like to proceed:
Curation Issuers Guidelines:

Setting up a drop and the POAP KIOSK (Magic Dispenser)

Secret Word Guidelines:

Hi @julie thank you for your answer!

So basically I cannot reward my users with the same POAP, if they’re active in Discord OR Twitter Spaces.

Btw, this is what the Magic Dispenser says:
" Please note : sharing this link directly with collectors, or embedding the link directly on a website, is not a proper use of this distribution method . You should only share the QR codes on the page (not the URL) via a device (for in-person events) or a screenshare (for online livestreams)."

So, I can’t use Magic Dispenser for my Discord channels (I don’t do livestreaming).

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Hello @samovarul
thank you for taking the time to talk this through!

There are bots that can be used in Discord:

So let me break distribution down this way:
Since the event is Virtual (Twitter and Discord) you can use the same POAP.
You can petition for mint links and secret word for the same event.

What I would suggest to help build the excitement up around the project is to create scarcity.
If the POAP is given for everything then it becomes mundane and not memorable.

Consider giving the POAP to the top 200 early or OG members of the community who have engaged within the community over the four week time frame - people who have really earned the title of OG/early user and would be excited to have the POAP that commemorates their participation in the community leading up to the launch.

Does this make sense?

We want to create a POAP available for 1 week. (we imagined to award a POAP per week for 4 weeks)

We want to share this POAP with our community during different activities in Discord (ideas, feedback, initiatives) and Twitter Spaces (participation).

Doing 2 different POAPs is not a solution, means allocating resources twice.

Can you please advise on the best way to implement this? ty :pray: :heart:

Hello @samovarul

I can better guide you if you tell me exactly what you are thinking of doing.

[Keep in mind that you are limited to 200 POAPs for community online events per the Curation Issuers Guidelines.]

Hi @julie,

we are launching a new product, a collection of 10k NFTs and wanted to split the communication over 4 weeks, awarding a POAP for each week - for users being active and engaged either on Twitter or Discord.
We were thinking to reward the users who have all 4 POAPs, giving them some perks (allowlist spots, free mints, etc).

Is there any way to set up this in a simple and intuitive way? ty in advance for your answer ty :pray: :heart:

Hello @samovarul

What would people specifically have to do to earn the POAP each week?

hello @julie,

  1. We’ll have a Twitter Space weekly, the ones asking questions would be rewarded; if participation is lower than expected we can decide to give everybody the POAP for attending the Spaces.

  2. In Discord we would reward those who are engaged - coming with ideas for the future project, creating user-generated content (fan art, dashboards, etc)

We are closing this thread, due to inactivity.

Please reach out if you need further assistance.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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