Drop ID 61660 More links requested

  1. Drop ID 61660
  2. Community information:
    We are a NFT project, launched in 2021. Anime Aztecs universe, is a combination of well-known Japanese Anime, and Aztec culture.(https://twitter.com/AnimeAztecs)
  3. Nature of the event:
    We are celebrating the drop of our 3rd collection. This will be our 5th POAP.
  4. Distribution plan:
    Planning to use magic poap dispenser link in one of our discord channels.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    We only received 50 POAPs and asked for some more but got rejected. Last times we gave like 300. How can we receive more?

Hello @aztecs

You will have to fully distribute the first 50 POAPs before requesting a top up of more mint links

Hi Julie, thanks for the answer!

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