Drop ID: 53536 - POAPs for a german NFT onboarding book (print)

my name is Björn and I wrote a NFT, Metaverse and Web3 onboarding book for the German community.
As I am actually introducing POAPs in the book it only makes sense to offer my readers a POAP as a memory at the very end of the book.
So I created Drop 53536 and am hoping I have set up everything correct.
I set it up with a time frame of one year and a total of 15.000 POAPs for my readers with the distribution model via Website.

I thought this was the easiest and safest way to share the POAP. :slight_smile:

  1. Drop ID 53536

  2. Community information
    My community can be found on my website (https://bjornout.de/) my Linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/in/bjoern-jansen/) and my own NFT project (https://bavarians.io/).

The book will be available via Amazon KDP and print-on-demand.

  1. Nature of the event
    I want to offer my readers something as a memory when they made it through the book and by that are ready to dive into the NFT and Web3 space.

The book itself explains what POAPs are and also how to set up a wallet etc. so its just the perfect match :slight_smile:

  1. Distribution plan
    The link to the distribution website will only be available in the book itself and not shared otherwise.

  2. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Maybe I have requested too many POAPs with 15k? > but I want to make sure there are enough. Just in case.
    Maybe the time window is too big? > Again I just want to make sure my readers have time and everybody has a chance to get a POAP memory :slight_smile:

Hoping my POAP gets accepted.
Otherwise I would be very happy about your help to finalize it.
After thats done, the book will be ready to pring :slight_smile:

Greetings from Munich, Germany

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:wave: :ocean: @Bjornout

Sehr cleverer Ansatz!

:fire: :fireworks: :rocket: :astronaut: :bookmark:

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Wir sind sehr glücklich für Sie.

For this use case I will put you in contact with our business development team.

You would need to have the ability to print individual Mint-links in each book!
If your printer allows for this, we should be able to make a positive review of your Mint-links.

We cannot allow a website link, if it is leaked, people will steal your POAPs from your engaged readers! :frowning:

Other ideas:

    1. If your printer supports it! You can make bookmarks with different Mint-links on each one to be inserted into each book.
  • 2.You can also order bookmarks and handwrite the 6-digit claim codes on them or in your book, along with your signature, as proof of meeting you.

Hi Fankie,
thanks for your feedback and suggestions.
Unfortunately neither one would work. The Print-on-demand services wouldn’t allow it, and also I am not able to add anything to it, like a bookmark,

hmm :frowning:

:wave: @Bjornout

Other Idea! You can reach out to https://poaps.agency/ or https://www.poap.fr/ 3rd party business partners that may be able to offer another solution.

Wishing you all the best!

You could also send Mint-links via email service like https://yamm.com/
to all confirmed purchases if you have access to that data.

So, your solution or suggestion would be to hire a third party business instead of you (POAP) trying to find a real solution? (Why should I now pay for a service that I already did myself…)

Its a book to onboard people into the space.
I think the danger of them passing the POAP link along will be very very small + they would have no motivation for doing so. So, I dont understand your fear.
The other idea with individual printed links is not doable and way to much effort.

But I guess I’ll have to pass then.
Thanks anyway …

:wave: :ocean:@Bjornout

We are a public good & you are receiving free support.
For enterprise use POAP Inc, & or Partner’s offer paid services to accomplish the execution of large scale drops. We don’t charge for POAPs.

Just trying to help you out ! Websites are intended for small IRL events with limited claim windows.
If a URL is leaked all your POAPs will be taken. Thist actually hurts you more than it hurts us.

I understand your frustration. We appreciate your feedback! & it will be taken into account.

Wishing you the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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