Drop ID: 52410 Appeal (URGENT)

Event ID#: 52410
Description: Thank you for joining us at the Champ Medici NFT NY Party on 6/19/2022! New Style Media Group (NSMG) is so excited to bring The Untamed Project into the Metaverse along with a NFT collection. We want to celebrate this launch by gifting each attendee a POAP.
Date: 6/27/2022
Codes Requested: 700
Distribution Method: personally sending QR code link to emails of attendees who were pre-approved and cross checked at door.

  1. Drop ID: 52410

  2. Community information
    NSMG is a leading entertainment in Asia that has globally expanded to the US. We span from artist management, music publishing, record labels, TV/film production, merchandise and mobile gaming. We are also currently working on taking traditional entertainment into the web3 space.

  3. Nature of the event
    Hi there, NSMG announced that we will be bringing the Last Generation Project into the Metaverse and a NFT project as well at the Champ Medici Party on 6/19/2022. So we want to create this drop to commemorate our first official announcement in a thank you email. We will be distributing more POAPs in the future and holders will be able have special benefits from attending.

*I had actually created the same event previously that was already approved. However, we wanted to update our logo as we decided to change the name of our project recently. So needed to create a new event. The old event ID is #49428

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheUntamedParty (new account)
Company account: https://twitter.com/NewStyleMediaG

  1. Distribution plan
    We have a pre-approved guestlist of the event where attendees must be approved and cross checked at the door of the event. We will be personally sending out the QR code link to the emails they provided.

  2. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    After speaking with a POAP support staff, it seems there were some questions around distribution plan. Happy to explain further if need to!

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