Drop ID 50053 - waiting for Approval

1. Drop ID 50053
2. Community information
more info about DAPPCRAFT – https://discourse.poap.xyz/t/about-the-issuer-appeals-curation-policy-category/197/92
3. Nature of the event
We hosted a presentation of a new dynamic game universe in Decentraland. Presentation of a new gaming project.
4. Distribution plan
POAP booth (with captcha) in Decentraland

Thanks in advance!


Which POAP Dispenser do you plan to utilize?

Hi @Fio
We plan to use ready maid POAP booth of Decentraland, but will change the texture according to the scene. Do you need to check the final image of the booth?

Hey @Fio!
Any news regarding our Drop? We would like to change the dates and run the event next week. Let me know if I can provide you with any additional info that can help us to get approve.
Thanks in advance!


Can you please submit a top-up for 300 POAPs?
Based on your community size, 300 POAPs should be ok for this drop.

TY! :slight_smile:

@Fio thanks for prompt replay))
We have Info Partners for our event, so kindly ask at least 1000 POAP :pray:
Thanks in advance!


You can request another top-up after distributing the first 300 POAPs.

Hey @Fio

Demian here. I’m CEO of DAPPCRAFT.

We need 500-1000 codes ASAP.
We expect over 3000 visitors. What’s wrong with our request for 1000 codes?

Did one of our past events go badly?
We were one of the first teams who did POAP events, I don’t understand why it is necessary to fire you every time to give us more.

We attract 3 communities to the event:

  • Our own
  • Decentraland
  • Roach racing club

We have already promised the community in social networks and the description of the event that there will be at least 500 POAPs.

Thanks for understanding

Dear @Fio it’s very important for us to get at least 1000 codes as we promised to the community that
we will deliver 500 POAPS with wearables simultaneously. It means we can’t put it on hold and ask for new POAPs… once we used first 300.

And as Demian wrote, we attract 3 communities to the event:

Roach racing club

Only Decentraland has more than 1 mln subscribers…

Our event will take place on July 4th, and we need to deploy the scene today.

I kindly ask you to send us 1000 codes ASAP. Thank you in advance.

@julie @frankie @nealw @dyllon

Please, help us to get 1000 POAPS today as we have an important event on July 4th! And we already committed to the community with aidrops (500 wearables + POAPS simultaneously)
We are expecting over 3000 visitors.

@Fio @fiorellascantamburlo
We really need to get you reply ASAP. We don’t understand what to expect and how to communicate with the community…


POAP is a curated ecosystem for the preservation of memories.
Pre-announcing the POAP isn’t a good practice, since it attracts farmers --people/bots who are only after free NFTs.

We noticed that your past drops were compromised, check out all the addresses with tremendous numbers of POAPs:

We’re updating the POAP quality guidelines and that’s why we’ve changed some of the policies.

Let us know if you have any questions.

All the best