Drop help, qr code

  1. 64867
  2. https://twitter.com/WeAreNFTUK
  3. NFT Exhibition and Panel Event
  4. Through a QR code
  5. It’s almost been 24 hours and want to have confirmation that my website request has gone through and will go live at the stated time!

Hello @evi

You have been given 700 mint links to use with the POAP KIOSK (Magic POAP QR Code Dispenser)

Thanks Julie, I have requested 2000 and on the website page it says my request for the event is being processed

Hello @evi

You are only approved for the 700 mint links.
You will have to distribute them via the POAP KIOSK (Magic QR Code Dispenser)


The website is not the proper distribution method for your in person event.

Hey, I need one QR code that attendees scan as it is being displayed on a screen in our venue

How come we can’t have this as our way of distribution? It’s a large event and we’re unable to have the dispenser set up, a singular QR code works best for us.

Hey @evi

Website is not appropriate for large events.

As explained in our Disctribution methods 101 article, Websites are appropriate for small-ish events, in real life, with short-ish mint windows. Usage outside this framework will tend to result in exploitation because the website link is sharable and can be shared with non-participants.

Why do you think you’re unable to have the dispenser set up?

Hi Fio, we haven’t accommodated to need a laptop/ipad to display the kiosk. We’re looking into it now though. Is there anyway we can have more codes too? I was only sent 700 links.

I appreciate your help, we just haven’t had this issue before even with our larger events. Thanks!

Hello @evi

As you can see in the gallery:

only 49 POAPs were minted so far.

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