Drop # 58658 Giveth Angel Vault - Waiting Approval

  1. 58658 - Giveth Angel Vault
  2. Community information
    ICHI Twitter: @ichifoundation
    Giveth Twitter: @Givethio
  3. Nature of the event
    We are celebrating the Giveth Angel Vault partnership.
  4. Distribution plan
    We will be distributing the POAPs using Gleam which will allow for social login and a tasks gate to make sure only people who are participating get a POAP.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I think because I requested 505 POAPs and because the team wasn’t sure of the distribution technique. Although, 505 POAPs doesn’t seem to be a lot and I’m trying something new for distribution. I’m trying something new because I hope it will prevent farmers. Also, the event is a week-long and thus why we requested more than 200 POAPs.

I’m active in the community, I make beautiful POAPs that people enjoy receiving, I’m an early issuer, a model issuer, the POAP team has called out liking my POAPs several times, and I always make sure to try my best at preventing farming. I honestly try so hard to make really awesome POAPs because I want people to care about POAPs.

With that said, this review process seems to not take into account all the work people put into creating these events. I spent a good amount of time designing a really cool POAP, have already designed graphics promoting we’ll have a POAP and set the event up. But then my event can completely get denied just for requesting more than 200 POAPs?

I love what POAP and your team are doing, I’m just sharing feedback because it’s difficult to plan to use a POAP when it can get denied for requesting some extra POAPs and trying a new distribution method…

Thank you for your time and consideration. Once again, I’m sharing the feedback that I hope your team will consider the work that has already been done before just denying people. Cheers!

oneGiv Angel Vault POAP

Never mind, we had to pull the plug on going forward with a POAP for this event. To much stress and time figuring out if we were going to have a POAP and we couldn’t wait any longer. I’m very sad, feels like we got rugged. Nonetheless, I still love POAP and will continue to make great POAPs and support the community.

I put a lot of effort into incorporating a POAP into this event so it’s quite sad to see it fall apart over the approval process.