Drop #54051 rejected

  1. Drop ID: 54051
  2. Community information: Crypto meme community
  3. Nature of the event: private discord and telegram users of the community
  4. Distribution plan: website links sent individually to users
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    False depiction of my account/community with Decentraland.

Social & Community links : https://twitter.com/decentraleo
Decentraleo 🦁 (@decentraleo) • Instagram photos and videos
DCL Server

I plan to distribute the POAP by creating an event for a participants to receive the POAP. thank you!

Hello @decentraleo

Would you please double check the event id – i show that 54051 was approved 2 months ago
see gallery here: POAP Gallery
petition expires October 5th

Hi @julie ,
this is the correct event ID #54041
thank you

Hello @decentraleo

54041 ah ok thanks!

Hello @decentraleo

What event is this POAP for?

Have you read the Curation Issuers Guidelines?

Can you please explain what you mean by this?

For an instagram post giveaway event for followers only

thank you very much

Hello @decentraleo

The use case that you are proposing is not very clear.

Please be aware that POAPs are meant to bookmark life’s remarkable moments.
When we say that POAP is an ecosystem for the preservation of memories, we intend for POAPs to be mementos of a particular experience.

Be aware of the guidelines surrounding social media interactions:

  1. POAP Guidelines for pre-announcing POAP:
    Guidelines Update: POAP Pre-Announcement

  2. POAP Curation Issuers Guidelines:
    POAP Issuer Guidelines - POAP

  3. Engagement Farming
    “Engagement farming” is generally defined as issuers using POAPs in a way that incentivizes transactional behavior. Any statement to the effect of “Do X to get a POAP” – particularly where X is an action that boosts performance in social media algorithms – is basically a marker of engagement farming.

“Like to get a POAP”
“Follow to get a POAP”
“Tweet about it to get a POAP”

----these all violate Issuer Guidelines on proper usage of POAP.

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Due to inactivity, this thread will close if you do not reply soon.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body