Discussion on POAP Ethics 伦理

Hey POAP family!

There has been discussion in the community recently on what (in my opinion) comes down to POAP Ethics.

I believe one of the most important things we can do as a community is to help promote the health of the protocol.

This means we need input from community members like you when considering things like ethics and conduct.


Should people be able to purchase POAP’s on the secondary market?

  • If so, what might be a good or bad reason to purchase a POAP on the secondary market?

How should we think about those who intentionally try and manipulate the protocol?

  • What should be done with people caught sharing Secret Words?

  • What should be done with people caught collecting POAPs from events they did not attend?


Precedent has already been set previously when the POAP Curation Body ran a deep investigation and found a user attacking the protocol. You can learn more about that incident and the great discussion here.


This does not cover everything related to POAP Ethics, but is a starting point for discussion on an important and timely topic.


poap is a good program

Should people be able to purchase POAP’s on the secondary market?

  • NO! then it is no longer PROOF OF ATTENDANCE but Proof of purchase

How should we think about those who intentionally try and manipulate the protocol?

  • those found sharing Secret Words/collecting non attended POAPS should receive Red Shame Poap :laughing:

First, it is necessary to discuss what ownership is?Secondly, about poap ethics,burn user assets, ethically?Are there any loopholes in your rules?It is not a question of whether to go to the center or not, this is the use of privilege for evil!!


Short-sighted, don’t focus on how to prevent farmers every day. POAP was stolen. We react to situations in discord, not only unresolved. Also kicked mercilessly. What’s the difference between you and a thief? Serious centralization and very selfish behavior. What is your ultimate goal of destroying the community consensus established by your own community members? Are you satisfied with your current achievements? Start to swell?


Hello to the POAP community and thanks for listening our 2 cents. In my humble opinion, I see a POAP as a family ring that it’s yours and you cherish a lot, but that in a bad time you might need to sell. If POAPs want to be meaningful in the NFTs universe they need to have the same features or they’ll reduce to a niche and die slowly… If the POAP philosophy is to be a collectible that represents an event, why shouldn’t a person that didn’t attended be able to buy it and collect it as any other memorabilia? Just FYI: I’ve various POAPs and never sold one. Just think that if the POAP wants to survive in this crypto universe needs to stand among so many projects or it will loose it’s grip… Best of success and long life to POAPs, my entry door to this marvelous world last year :slight_smile:


Poaps cannot be bought or sold. Why do I need to charge 0.1 ETH tax when I can switch to OPENSEA on ETH chain Directly turn off the transfer transaction function, only the wallet address exists. To achieve a performance that is just proof


You have the ability to burn all the thousands and hundreds of POAP holders and start all over again. Don’t do this disgusting thing without any technology. Your ultimate goal is how to prevent farmers and crack down on early players. Just be happy.


Poap can trade is a very normal behavior, although poap is attended to prove, but a lot of poap design is very beautiful, and the people who take part in the project itself may just go to a meeting, collect the poap incidentally, then these poap can reflect its value in the secondary market, poap itself is using block chain technology, All poAP collection is recorded on the blockchain, so if the project party wants to trace the attendance certificate of these meetings, it can be judged by receiving the record. Therefore, whether the transaction can be done does not affect the attributes of the attendance certificate of THE POAP itself. But if they can’t be traded, many well-designed POaps won’t be owned by people who really like them.
for example, Xcopy’s POAP, is beautifully designed and very popular with collectors in the secondary market.

On the other hand, I think it’s a false proposition that codes are shared, because for the POAP app, there are many ways to distribute POaps, there are codes, there are links, there are whitelisting by collecting addresses, and if a meeting is really a very private meeting, Why didn’t he distribute poaps in the form of a whitelist of collected address Settings? But in a way that is easy for people outside the conference, or even scientists, to know about and get access to the POAP? The project side that published the POAP didn’t care that the POAP was available to anyone outside the conference.


Among all those burnt wallets earlier today, I knew one, whose owner is the issuer of a poap in last summer, he is one of the earliest passionate POAP supporters and collectors in Chinese community, all the POAPs in his wallet were burnt earlier today, I feel sad for him, in a lot of late nights and early mornings of Asian HongKong time, he was full of passion, participating in a lot of online meetings and games to get these POAPs, besides, he bought in the market. He said he didn’t get the early issuer POAP that he could have got by issuing POAP, He even spent more than 500 DAI in the market to buy an early issuer POAP. I think he loves collecting POAP. he said in some addresses, there are repeated POAPs from the same event, why weren’t those burned this time, why was his burned" he felt very sad and confused, I understand his feeling, I witnessed some of his attendings, I think he deserves an explanation, at least to tell him why, and the current warning/notice we could see from the official channel can’t explain.


I can tell a story about secondary market trading.

The majority of my POAPs were diverted by hackers exploiting vulnerabilities caused by my careless testing of third-party tools. There are some very special and priceless memories, such as Early Issuers POAP. I considered issuing a POAP to commemorate the POAP Heist, similar to what SuperPhiz did. But when I saw this POAP for sale on the secondary market, I thought I could buy it back. I wish I had this POAP in my personal collection.

However, the POAP I purchased was stolen from someone else, so I had to return it. As a result, I did not obtain my POAP and lost money and time.

Following this, I believe the SuperPhiz approach is more appropriate. My POAP was stolen, and being stolen is a part of my life. Regarding my desire to see the POAPs in my collection, it is not difficult to accomplish. :eyes: I will add a feature in POAP.in that allow users to access the day’s collection by date, just like a time capsule.


这个英文翻译软件可能表达的不够准确。用中文在描述一遍吧,poap是否可以在二级市场交易,我觉的并不影响其会议出席证明的属性,因为poap本身是区块链应用,所有的领取记录都在链上可查,之前也有很多项目方在给予他们所分发的poap持有人的奖励时,采用不同的快照方式,有的项目方采用的是必须是第一mint人并且在快照时持有才可以获得奖励,有的项目方是直接快照当前持有人,所以是否能在二级市场交易,并不会对poap的会议出席凭证属性有任何影响。但是不知道poap项目方是否有关注过,poap的设计是越来越精美了,使得poap除去会议出席凭证之外,又多了一份艺术品的属性,很多设计精美的poap,在二级市场非常受欢迎,就像xcopy的poap,而有些人去二级市场买poap,完全是出于收藏爱好,就和集邮一样,这也是poap的一个属性,那么我身在中国,我非常喜欢NFT NYC活动上面,项目方的poap,我又不能飞到纽约去,这个时候,我就可以通过二级市场来完成收藏。 所以在poap是否可以在二级市场交易这件事情上,我个人觉的项目方应该放开二级市场交易,poap项目方只需要在分发方式上面,给需要用到poap这个应用的项目方更多更好的分发方案就好,毕竟每个项目方对于poap的应用需求是不一样的。

而对于密语被分享出去这件事情,我觉得本身就是一个伪命题。因为poap的分发本身就提供了很多种方式,满足了不同项目方的需求。有密语、链接和收集地址设置白名单的方式。 如果一个项目方会议非常的私密,他就不会去选择密语和链接,而是应该去选择收集地址设置白名单。 既然他选择了密语的方式,说明他本身也不是很在乎密语的泄露。





With all of this discussion, the ultimate focus is on POAP ownership!
POAP issuer, just issuer. When the applicant applies for POAP, the ownership will be given to the applicant. When the applicant sends his certificate of participation, the ownership is the person who obtained POAP through normal channels.
POAP issuer has no right to interfere!

  1. It can be purchased in the market. This is equivalent to philately, which is beneficial to collectors, who like to collect POAPs with different designs.
    If the project party applying for POAP has relevant needs, it can fully determine whether it is the first address of MINT.
  2. The sharing of secret words is uncontrollable. It is a rule that needs to be set by the participants, and has nothing to do with the POAP issuer. The other party has applied for POAP, and its ownership belongs to the applicant, and the POAP issuer has no right to interfere! ! !
  3. For POAPs that have not participated in the collection of activities, if new rules are to be established, there must be a time point. In the absence of new rules, no party has the right to burn it.
    If you want to prevent the sharing of secret words, you can completely dispense with POAP in this way.
    Burning all POAPs of an address without a trace of judgment is arbitrary without human rights.
    2、分享密语是不可控的,是需要参会方设定的规则,跟POAP 发行方没有任何关系。对方申请了POAP,其所有权就是申请人方的,POAP发行方无权干预!!!

I believe the main goal of POAPs is to be a way to collect memories of past events/achievements and I find the idea of selling those VERY odd.


If trading or sending poaps are forbidden or becomes not legit, why not change poap to soul-bounded!
I really would like to have a clear recommendation and rule from poap team what is allowed what is not! And if transfer is not allowed, please ensure that from the contract, or blacklist epor or other ways which offer this transfer function, to avoid misuses.

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Should people be able to purchase POAP’s on the secondary market?

Let the creator of that POAP decide for it . The creator should be able to choose to issue poap as soulbound token or not.

How should we think about those who intentionally try and manipulate the protocol?

Again let the creator of that POAP decide for it . I think POAP should not act as higher authority here and just build the infrastructure to response to this kind of behavior and the issuer of that POAP decides.

Options could be :
1.Update the metadata of that poap and invalidate it .
2.if you put it in the POAP smart contract , the issuer can transfer those POAPs to dead address .
3. block specific address to prevent mint the poap or future drops

I think that by providing the infra the issuers will work together to tackle the problem . for example they can work together to create a list of violators or farmers .


The profit-seeking behavior of human beings cannot be restrained by human’s own morality, so for real farmers’ behavior, there must be technology and clear rules. There must be clear rules to differentiate the “farmer” and the “passionate collector”, I won’t forget your COO izgnzlz.eth post on twitter on Dec.16th, she said “P.O.A.P. was established in 2018 by @worthalter, @gomox_ar, @dmf7z and @reneil1337 and grew slowly (and then all at once) through the enthusiastic adoption of issuers and passionate POAP collectors.” I was excited to see this message as it seems you had recognized the contribution of early issuers and passionate POAP collectors and I replied to support. And 5 minutes later, I found my twitter was blocked by this lady. Please draw a line, first of all, define “farmer” and “passionate collector”, any passionate collector outside your circle can be regarded as farmer, because you can’t remember all the participants for the events, you can’t just take for granted those you know are passionate collectors and those you aren’t familiar with are farmers, that’s not the right logic…


I think poap project parties should respect every collector who loves collections. The style of each poap is different. It records the growth of poap and witnesses the efforts and efforts of collectors, rather than blindly suppressing. We are a community of love and peace, a community full of feelings, rather than autocratic hegemony like fascist countries.


Now the most important thing is to discuss whether people should be able to buy poap in the secondary market? At first, the contract was not set as a non transferable asset. Now, it seems that there is no reason to discuss here whether to support the purchase of poap, or even the transfer of poap on the blockchain. The assets belonging to the blockchain belong to every asset holder and have the right to make their own choices