Denial of Poap request unjust

  1. Drop ID - 68293

  2. Community information
    Please add any socials, Discord links, or other information that Curators may find useful.

  3. Nature of the event - Web3 Conference/Launch event
    What are you celebrating, and why is it important? This was a very large event with 16 different entities made up of corporate founders and musical performers.

  4. Distribution plan- As advised by a poap representative, attendees addresses to be collected by use of guestbook then exact amount be requested for mint.

How are you planning on getting POAPs to individuals? Collection by guestbook then using the poap delivery method.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held? I am the owner of the event coordination company that was hired to plan this event. I am forced to tend to this situation as this is putting a massive damper on not only my own company but many others involved and as the organizer, it is my responsibility to make sure this is made right for all parties involved as this is a massive disappointment for many and also to make sure this does not happen for any future events we are hired to help plan.

Our client was advised that collecting the attendees address by guestbook was “The perfect way” to go about making sure all attendees are accounted for and collected.

As we expected more of a turn out, only 107 signed the guestbook and some friends had issues signing so they were accounted for when the request of 115 poaps were requested.
Only 25 out of 115 were approved and we strongly disagree with the “farming” reason for denial as I myself personally had engaged with near every person in attendance throughout the building of this event and event itself.
After a lengthy conversation with a poap rep in chat, he was unable to provide proof of any “farming” relating to this list of addresses.

After my personal review of the list, it does match up to the reality of my interaction with the attendees as we recognize all those with names attached and the small percentage that are anonymous do also match up with those invited who either were having this kind of voxels experience for the first time or those we knew who did not have their wallets linked on their current device. I can even provide proof one a few friends under anonymous names who were having technical difficulties signing the guestbook (hence why we asked for 115 and not the exact 107).
Only 25 mints were approved when we have over 70 named addresses on the list of those who are team members, company employees and directly invited guests.
This denial is unjust as stated in the title.

I cannot stress enough what a large and important event this was and how the success (other than the poap denial) has opened the door for us to plan more of these events for these corporate companies on a regular basis. I do know for my own company, it has not been a reliable source to use poap for our own company events as I believe we are still awaiting a response from our New Years Eve 2 day music festival that we held.

I would like to speak with someone that can make right of this situation otherwise we along with many will be forced to seek out other alternatives instead of Poap.

Hey @Binx

Thanks for the context.

Curation reviewed the address for this petition and we found that it was pretty seriously compromised :confused:
There are addresses with 1,500+ POAPs, which is suspicious of farming activity (farmers are people who are only after free NFTs)

  • How did you collect the addresses for this drop?
  • How did you verify participation?

As a POAP Citizen, you must verify attendance of collectors at events and/or collector eligibility for POAPs.

Also: did you pre-announce the POAP?

I truly have to state that this is a majorly flawed process of Poap! We had 3 hosts for this event, one who currently holds well over 1500 poaps! And every single one of them was earned by either working, hosting or supporting an event!
Those in attendance of this event are very active members and are part of multiple weekly regular events across multiple communities. It is expected for a high count in their collection. There was zero farming on this event as I stated that I personally confirmed nearly every member as I was managing the event on all aspects through avatar, backstage and behind the scene.
This is a HUGE mistake on Poaps end and an example of the flawed process!

The addresses were collected by guestbook within the voxels venue and also by me personally as many had issues trying to sign the guestbook.

As to how did I verify participation, I can show you a line of text as a perfect example of how I did such! Many invited were new and did not know how to maneuver the experience. From speaking on the phone, text or DM, we stated descriptions and locations to try to help those that were having a hard time! I can even show proof of those who has problems signing the guestbook.

And NO, Neither myself or anyone from my company (which requested the poaps) announced the poaps. If one of the many attendees or companies invited did such, that is beyond our control and should not be held against us.

This should be an example for Poap to consider as this is not accurate, there was no farming, we cannot control what others do and this process is causing a major problem for an event I was hired to do. I understand Poap is a fairly new company, but this is a mistake, and we request an immediate approval for the full 125 poaps that was requested. We know who everyone is as they are either affiliates, team, investors and our invited guests.
As stated, just by name, over 70 address are known to us and the little remaining number should actually be higher because of those who had reached out to me with issues with the guestbook that still may not be accounted for. Even this morning, I was told by a close friend that he didn’t even know there was a poap.

It would be greatly appreciated if your company would please reverse this denial so we can move forward as planned as this is a true mistake and I cannot back down from defending our request being 100% accurate. We were the top trending event in Voxels that night. It was just under a 5 hour event. With the high profile speakers and companies on our panel, I am quite surprised at this decision. and please, Ezincrypto.eth is a partner of ours! He has a plethora of earned poaps because he hosts a ton of web3 shows on a regular basis. of course he collects one of each.
I may be responsible to start learning who is who in the industry so someone else does not end up in this situation like I am in right now. But I will say this is quite funny and I am calling EZ right now to let him know he is the problem… (as a joke of course).
We had many OGS from the Tokensmart community in attendance and on the panel. Many of them I am told are grandfathered into Poap.

Hey @Binx

The POAP was pre-announced on the event Twitter account:

This is against the POAP Guidelines: Guidelines Update: POAP Pre-Announcement - #33 by shakty

I understand there are some passionate POAP Collectors, but in this case, it seems many farmers attended the event just to collect the POAP.

We could approve a top-up for more mint links, in case you want to distribute to the people that are known to you.

Let us know how you would like to proceed.

Is this an automated response? Was my reply read?
The screenshot it NOT my tweet! I am the owner of Third Planet Studio!
Meta Builders is NOT my account or profile. My company was the event designer and coordinator.
We need 115 mints as all 115 are verified staff, member, investors and affiliate partners!

Please provide proof of which addresses are “farmers”.

Also, please verify the email that ordered the poaps to prove it is one of my Third Planet Studio employees as it states in the email address.

Hey Binx,

You mention you need 115 mint links while you submitted a drop with 109 addresses and you already have 25 mint links approved… It seems inconsistent.

You’re the owner of Third Planet Studio, but was your client who pre-announced the POAP.
As the responsible for creating, verifying, and distributing the POAPs, you should be aware of POAP Guidelines and Quality Drops.

We’re trying to be collaborative, but if you continue with your sarcasm, I’m afraid we will have to close this thread.

Please read my messages thoroughly as many facts are being missed. I am not being sarcastiv in any manner. We requested was 115! Now that time has been passing trying to resolve this issue, as stated multiple times, many had issues with the guestbook not always working.
So to account for a few more just to make sure everyone involved and attended receives one, a few extra I would assume would not be a bad idea to play it safe.

I am boggled as to why this is such an ordeal at this point and I hope this is taken very seriously as we are a web 3 event planning company and throw many shows per week. Not all are we in charge of the poaps but when it is requested for me to do so, I assume they are aware of the guidelines. But honestly, this is a new guideline as of only weeks ago that was not widely announced. I am a follower and on the discord. No email notification was received about the update so i hope this is kept in consideration that many I am speaking to now were neither aware of this new rule.

What is the amount you can provide. I forgot that 25 were approved. That leaves 90 and no extras for the friends and attendees who had problems with the guestbook.
Can we just get the fair amount of poaps approved so this can be settled and I would appreciate it if you refrain from threatening me as I am being professional here and it seems my messages are not being read as I am forced to repeat myself.
We are also running a business here just like you are.

This is day 5 now that I have my client asking me for the poaps. Can we please resolve this today.

Your neglect has been reported to a supervisor! Maybe you should find a new job that you truly care about because your lack of customer service shows how miserable of a person you are!