Delivery with API

Hi everyone!
We are building a crypto fundraising event for charity and want to whitelist each donor’s eth address to get a mint a POAP, Via POAP delivery. Basically, it means I need to add the donor’s address to the whitelist after each donation with “/deliveries/{id}/address/add”

my questions are:
1.) How can I get the API key to start testing?
2.) How can I make a test event just for

thank you! I love what you’re doing :slight_smile:

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Hey @JonAD4D

Nice use case!

Here’s the info on how to submit a Delivery Petition: How Do I Set Up Delivery? | POAP Help Center

Regarding testing:

Deliveries are not open for testing, but you can test Mint Links. Please consider:

  • Must be marked private to avoid creating noise across various platforms.

  • Should not request an arbitrarily large volume of codes.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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thank you!

I’m having an issue, - here I’m getting “missing page!” error

Would appreciate your help


How can I contact you? I want to test it and then implement it, and I need some support :slight_smile:


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Hey @Fio :slight_smile:

Working with them on Intercom, they just tried tests and ready to implement that API feature :smiley:

Hopefully it works, let me know if i can assist anymore

Hey @JonAD4D

You’re getting an error message on the Delivery website because the Delivery petition has received a negative review. Deliveries aren’t open for testing.

I think there’s some confusion here. What do you mean by using the API?

Please reach out to the POAP Customer Support team. You can chat with @dyllon and the team on Intercom (via the pink bubble at the POAP website: They will help you find the best POAP distribution method for your event.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

to make delivery and add addresses to whitelist via API call


@dyllon I’m a bit confused to be honest

Hey @JonAD4D

You just want to distribute your POAPs using POAP Delivery, right?

In that case, once you have collected all the addresses, you should create the POAP Delivery petition.

@JonAD4D Hey Jon!
I believe I may have confused your intention. I didn’t understand “/deliveries/{id}/address/add” at the time.

Did you mean you want to create a delivery and continuously add addresses to the list of addresses that can mint that? If so!
Deliveries are a snapshot distribution method, meaning that you won’t be able to do that