Delivery Request Question Event: #48837

Good morning POAP!

I am about to make a delivery request to WL some Ethereum wallets for our POAP claim (Event #48837)

I would like to do it in stages (there are 500 wallets to add) and had a question:

Can I do it in batches?

If I write “Part 1” in the first instance and then “Part 2” in the second, would it be possible to do it in 2 batches? Also, will the URL to claim the POAPs be different for each batch?



Hey @joseph

I am happy to assist you in getting your delivery request submitted.
I see that you submitted a delivery request already for event #48837.

Please be aware that there is a specific way to create a delivery petition.
Instructions can be found here:

At this time, your original event #48837 had been negatively reviewed for the delivery. You will now have to create and submit a new delivery petition following the instructions in the Help Article linked above.

As far as completing the delivery in batches:

  1. Be advised that once you submit the list of wallet addresses you cannot add any more.
  2. If you want everyone to have the same POAP artwork you will have to submit the addresses all in one batch.

Please feel free to ask any other questions regarding the POAP creation and distribution process.

Thank You!

Hi there!

The original request was a test and I’ve already spoken to a couple of members of the POAP team and realised why it was negatively flagged (I didn’t understand how the WL delivery worked but now I do).

I will create the delivery request in a single batch and will be in touch if there are any issues.

Thank you for your reply!


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Hello! @joseph

Thank you for the update!
I will close this post now.
Please feel free to reach out of you have any other questions or concerns!

Thank You!

I have one more question!

I’m waiting on 13 more ethereum wallets, but I don’t have time to delay the delivery request.

Would it be possible to apply for the 485 wallets that I already have and then apply for email codes for the remaining 13 so I can deliver them to other 13 people when they get in touch with me (via email)?

Thanks again!


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Hey @joseph

Yes, you can request mint links for the people that didn’t receive their POAPs through Delivery.

All the best,