Delivery not created since 15.06.2021

Hey there,

we created a Delivery for our Event ID48109 on last Wednesday 15.06.2021. As the system said the delivery should be done within 48 hours i wanted to reach out and ask for the current status.

Can you tell me when it might be delivered or if there is any other issue regarding this? Thank you!

Hey @DaveOnTheChain

This is Julie from the POAP Curation Body.

Concerning event ID 48109:

I would like to offer the following article to assist you in properly creating your Delivery request drop.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

All the Best,
The Curation Body

Hello! @DaveOnTheChain

For event #48109 you have requested a POAP delivery of 1.
This request has been reviewed negatively.
Please read and follow the steps in the article in order to create a proper POAP delivery request.

All the Best,
The Curation Body