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  1. Drop ID 62173
  2. [(
  3. Users submitting ideas to our team for a potential show
  4. POAP Delivery
  5. The original POAP i made was incorrect and didnt have enough wallets added to it. So I disabled that one and am attempting to make a new delivery with the correct number of wallets.

Hello @TronQ

The Curators have already approved the delivery for 122.
You will have to submit a petition for mint links.

Only 2 people have claimed the original isn’t there a way to cancel the original one?

If not will the mint links increase the total supply?

:wave: :ocean: @TronQ

Curation has reviewed your request, & we have made a positive review of your updated delivery.
Congrats! :frog:: :tada: :confetti_ball:

We are looking forward to reviewing your future drop requests.

Wishing you the best!
-The POAP Curation Body


When will it be live?

Do you always include a toad gif or was that special for me?

You should be all set :white_check_mark:


Sorry bt when i click the link it says page missing?

:wave: :ocean:@TronQ

Your delivery is now live :confetti_ball: Link:POAP ✈️ | TrippyToadz Writers Room POAP

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