Delivery #3460 address upload

Hi there
We organized an IRL event. And we at first setup a KIOSK.
But the venue is too crowded and we actually have everyones’s wallet addr
so we want to change it to use DELIVERY
I want to test it out with 1 addr first but then i cannot add more after save
Any suggestion? Should i cancel create a new DELIVERY or support team can let me upload the 100+ addr there?



Hey @0xlouis

Due to the snapshot nature of POAP Deliveries, test deliveries are typically not approved. You should create the Delivery with the complete list of all the addresses.

You can always test other POAP distribution methods.

If you have more questions about your drop, please reach out to Customer Support at the chat bubble of the POAP website.


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i have already submitted another correct one
3462 right after receiving this email.

I would like to seek for approval

在 2023年2月28日週二 上午2:16,Fio via POAP <> 寫道:

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