Delivery #2983 Approval

  1. Delivery ID - #2983
  2. Community information:

Impact Theory is a 21st century digital studio with a reach of 8 million across its social platforms. Impact Theory is home to Project Kyzen, Impact Theory Founders Keys, Merry Modz and more.

  1. Nature of the event
    Melon Minds is a community platform where members of the Impact Theory can share their knowledge, stories and lessons learned with the rest of the community. ChubeeViking hosted a Melon Minds titled “Simplifying Friendship Through Authenticity” where he shared his experiences on making friends!

The Melon Minds talks have been going on since December of last year and the community LOVES the POAPs to collect and memorialize the events.

  1. Distribution plan
    We opened a Google Form and shared it with those who were in attendance. The form included a bot prevention question and I went back and cleaned any illegitimate responses as determined by the bot prevention question. Legitimate responses were added to the delivery method and illegitimate responses were removed.

I understand that this is not the ideal way to do distribution methods however the community artist who creates the designs gets their inspiration during the talk to create the design. Therefore we are not able to use a secret phrase or other type of delivery method as they require having the design ahead of time.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I believe this petition is being held because of previous forms that were botted prior to having a bot prevention question. It is clear from previous deliveries that forms HAD been leaked however since then we have added the bot prevention question and much stricter data cleaning. It is also clear that the forms are no longer botted as they were in the past as determined by the number of responses compared to then and now.

I am asking to have this delivery approved so the community can receive their POAPS.

If there has been any updates to how deliveries can be done prior to having a design PLEASE let me know. My goal is to be compliant with all of the POAP rules while still giving our community artist the time and space she needs to design the POAPs.

Thank you!

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Hello @tort

What is the event id?

Hello @julie,

The event id is #55480

Thank you!


Hello @tort

The Curators reviewed the delivery addresses that were submitted and the list appears to contain a high amount of farmers.

How were the addresses collected?

Hi Julie,

This is the an ideal way but this is the only way we’ve found to do it so far.

Addresses were collected via a Google Form with a bot prevention question that only people at the event would know I then went back to remove suspicious submissions.

I understand this is not an ideal way of distributing POAPs however we don’t have the image of the POAP until after the event is over as our community artist uses the event as inspiration for the design.

Therefore, we need a way to collect wallet addresses to submit a delivery method post event … opposed to using something like a secret word.

If there is a better way to distribute POAPs that won’t limit us by requiring the design until after the event?

Also, is there a way to cross check frequent farmers so we can remove their responses if we notice them?

We do not want farmers farming out POAPs however it seems incredibly hard to restrict members from leaking forms.

Thank you in advance for your time and support.


Hello @tort

Thank you for the context. I will take this info back to the Curators and we will get back to you ASAP.

Hello @tort

both deliveries were approved. Going forward Curation suggests that you set a time limit on how long the google form is open. This may help weed out farmers. We appreciate that you are trying to understand ways to mitigate farming risks!

Looking forward to your future POAP Drops!

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