Delivery #2216 - Drop # 42180 - Follow Up

Delivery Id: #2216
Drop Id: #42180

Impact Theory is a 21st century digital studio with a reach of 8 million across its social platforms. Impact Theory is home to Project Kyzen, Impact Theory Founders Keys, Merry Modz and more.

Each week a weekly keynote is given by a community member within the Impact Theory discord known as a Melon Minds. These keynotes are a way for the community to share knowledge and information with one another. There is a POAP for attending these keynotes.

Wallet addresses are collected via a form where a user must specify their discord id, wallet address, and an anti-bot question.

I think this is being withheld because of the number of POAPs iv submitted as of late. I am catching up on past POAPs that I did not submit. In addition Impact Theory is very busy and always hosting events and utilize POAPs often.

Hey @tort

Please check:

Hi Flo! I’m sure you’ve seen my other responses … but i’m hoping there is something we can do about this delivery. I will shift the POAP delivery going forward but I’d like to get this out to the community if possible!

Thank you!


Please check: Delivery #2212 - Drop #42167 - Follow up - #6