Delete POAP event ID -50563, 51062

Hello, I created POAP for a Farewell party for our Department head. The request was reviewed and confirmed. I requested 100 links. But by mistake I uploaded rectangle image instead of square. The event is in a few hours. The POAP link works fine for mobile version, but it’s not visually in the middle on the browser version. With the help of CS I created a new one, it had the same issue, but it was approved as well. I created the final event with all correct resolutions. Please cancel events - 50563 and 51062 and please approve my new event request - 51079 .
Date - 20.06.2022
OLD Event Code -50563
NEW Event Code - 51062
Final Event Code -51079
Distribution Method: QR code, website

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Congrats!! Your petition has been reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy:

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Yes…Yes they do