Delete old drop and move with new new one

  1. 47498 | 47369
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  3. Early DAO Contributors Insignia
  4. Manual distribution to community members
  5. The drop submission for 47498 got declined because “It looks like this is a duplicate event: POAP Gallery”, which is true. I would like to delete the first one and move forward with the new one - as first one went wrong.


Hey @Mikel

TY for the context!
Congrats, looks like your petition #47369 received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Thanks! Any chance I can get the distribution codes? I didn’t receive them since it was declined.

Edit: just requested them through the admin dashboard. Waiting for them.

Hey @Fio, Drop 47498 it still got rejected with message:

"All events must have unique artwork. Event : Contains the same artwork."

Can we delete the old one so I can move on with the new drop? The old drop unfortunately went wrong and therefore I submitted a new one. Seems like until the first one is out of the system I can’t publish the actual good one - Drop 47498

Hey @Mikel

What do you mean by “distribution codes”?
What’s the issue with 47369?

So I first submitted drop 47369, it got approved and I received the mint/claim links. Unfortunately, the graphics turned out not so good on this POAP, so I decided I had to remake it.

So I built the graphic again and submitted it as a new drop (47498). This is where the issue started as the curation body identified the new (and now well looking) POAP to be very similar to my previous POAP (47369).

And this is why I am contacting you now: I am having an issue with drop 47498, which is the correct on3. I can’t get it approved because it’s very similar to the previous one.

Now: can you delete drop 47369 and make sure 47498 gets approved?

Thanks!! @Fio

Hey @Mikel
Thanks for your patience and all the detailed info.

Can you please submit a top-up petition? We didn’t realize the artworks were different.

Thanks for getting back and sorry for my late reply. We did eventually get the 15 POAPs that we required.

Thank you for your support! Feel free to close this