DELAY with Top up request - TOP UP Request - #29604 - Brandverse X Jpunk - POAP 5

I requested 30 unique links to claim the POAP, 2 days ago, for this event, and did not receive a confirmation yet. Because of this, we will have to postpone a raffle and upset our community. Can somoene please follow up and approve the request asap.


Here a link to the discourse topic already opened more than 24 hours ago.

TOP UP Request - #29604 - Brandverse X Jpunk - POAP 5


We need a little more information from you in order to make a review.

This seems to be a past event.

You had a delivery positively reviewed :star2: :dizzy: for 189 Addresses. :white_check_mark:

Can you elaborate?

Additionally please list relevant for this drop
Social & Community links : (Twitter, Discord, Youtube, etc.)
How you plan to distribute the POAPs?

-The POAP Curation Body

hello @frankie of course, I will give you again those info. But consider that this is the 7th drops we do, and i provided this info every time.

In this case we need 30 more links for about 20 people that were filling the form for the addresses while we closed it, or that were there, but added wrong info in the form (some added their discord name instead of wallet by mistake)
For us POAPs are a fundamental part of our strategy, based on the numbers of poaps collected by our members they will have access to WL or even free NFTs.
We spoke with Poap director in france, and we are organizing an event together because they want to use Brandverse as a best practice.
We are a serious team with a very serious community, we just need a bit more openess on your side because with delays it’s getting a bit hard to work.
Honestly I feel that I am explaining this to a lot of different people in your team and that there is not much communication. But I totally understand your precision in the controls.

Here you can find the links: (new site will be released this week)


Those unique links will be distribuited one by one, on discord, to the the people that opened a ticket in the 30 min after the AMA finished and add issues collecting POAPS.

Please review this application asap, we already had to postpone the raffle because of this.

MORE INFO ON THIS DROP: This drop was in partnership with JPUNk, an new big NFT collection. So that’s why we had many people claiming. We will have new drops, and hype around us is growing, so these are the numbers we expect in the next drops.

@frankie i totally understand that you have a lot of work, but I need a confirmation if this is going to be approved. We have a raffle scheduled with POAPs and we are postponing it because of this delay. As I said before, we need to send this poap to those people that attended for real but had some techincal issues. Please don’t keep me hanging another day, this drop is having a lot of delays because of the approval process, even if we are taking every possible measure to avoid poap farming and follow your guidelines. @Fio @frankie

Hey, thanks for the info.
I’m sending it to Curators and let you know once your petition is reviewed.

Hey @Siberia7922 ,

I gave this petition a positive review. In the future, please interface with your contacts at POAP Fr. - they’re well positioned to help you navigate the curatorial process.

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Thank you @isabel .
I’ll make sure to manage timing better in order to have more time for review.


Sorry to put you on the hot seat :blush:

no worries, I know I have been pushy. You manage me as a client, and I manage the community which are my clients. All good, thanks :slight_smile: