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Hi there,

I spoke with Dyllon about this via IM on, but following up here as i’m still waiting on the delivery to be accepted.

I created this POAP for Index Coop’s DeFridays event last week.

We collected addresses and I set up a first delivery no problem. However, a few addresses came in right after submitting and I thought it would be okay as there was an ‘add additional addresses’ button which Dyllon has since informed me is being removed.

I still have about 30 more addresses I need added. I created a second POAP delivery three days ago, but have yet to receive an approval and our next event is coming up this Friday.

Any help appreciated! Thanks POAP team.

:wave: @ChavisChance

Not a problem.

We are reviewing your request, + should have an update for you soon!

The Curation Body recommends putting specific dates on POAP artwork when possible.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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Curation has made a positive review your request. :dizzy: :star2:

POAP is updating it’s policy regarding delivery.

In the future, if you need to modify delivery, please request mint-links for the additional addresses!

All the best
The POAP Curation Team