Decentraland Live performance POAPS

Hi POAP team,

we requested multiple POAPs for the event IDs #24487, #24519 and #24520.

The number of POAPs you send back unfortunately does not match the required number, so I triggered for all of these events a “Request more POAPs” request.

It would be cool if we could save these extra iterations, I guess these consume time on your end as well. We are having a concert area in Decentraland ( and are hosting there live concerts, so the number of POAP is what we actually require based on the expected audience.

Please help us to continue to bring music to the Metaverse by increasing the quality of POAP requests. In case you read “The Rocking Uniquehorns” or “TRUs” it would be cool to get the number of requested POAPs in time, I had a chat with Lucas and Isabel on that one, they know us and we also have access to the API.

Thanx for helping us by increasing quality of POAP request procedure,
thanx a lot,

Hey Florian,

Just to confirm, I’m afraid the only record of exchange I have with you is a request for API keys (which I am happy you got!). We did attend a concert Saturday night, and didn’t see the turn out that would otherwise be expected given the volume requested.

It looks like the concern is around the large amount of farming seen in your prior drops. Please reach out to MetaZoo at – I believe that’s exactly the turnkey Decentraland solution you’re looking for.

GM Isabel…

thanx for your reply - and yep, we will checkout

Just regarding the amount: usually we order 333 VIP POAPs and 999 regular ones. Dependent on the event there are 100-200 VIP POAPs being claimed and 400-800 regular ones. So we could decrease numbers a little bit. But I think judging from the number of persons in the room (“concurrent users”) based on a snapshot is not the right approach. We are joining every single event and can tell that there are definitely 400 people jumping in and out during a concert.

The huge amount requested for Thursday is because Sony Music will promote the event, I am not sure how much pulling power they have, but it would be a worst case scenario if we are running out of POAPs.

And just to mention that one: I really really appreciate what you guys are doing - and we are willing to pay for that service as well, so in case there is any “premium service package” we could get offered: happy to jump in…

Question for now:
1: can you simply send the number of POAPs we request for the next 3 weeks
2: in parallel we will check with the dev who created backend for the POAP machine on API improvements to avoid any kind of POAP attack/farming etc.
3: in parallel we checkout, maybe you are right and that is the better solution

But would be happy to simply get some time, especially this week with the Sony gig and a couple of additional events it would be a really really bad POAP experience for the users.

Thanx in advance,