Curator Guidelines: How to use this forum

In mid-October, we published this announcement in our Discord group:

I know there have been a lot of changes in the previous days, and I wanted to take this opportunity to address some of the questions about the new direction. As many of you have likely seen in the Discord and the Telegram, the explosive growth POAP has seen over the last few weeks and months - combined with the behavior of a few bad actors - have left our dev and ops teams fighting a hard battle on two fronts. While managing the explosive growth would likely be manageable on its own, the cybersecurity issues we’ve been facing have led us to some decisions that weren’t easy to make. No easy way to say it, so here it is. Effective immediately, POAP will no longer be approving events by default.

We’ve made large changes in order to continue accommodating the demand. Today, the POAP curation team processes something in the realm of 2000 requests per week (a number that is growing exponentially), while POAP inc. is building out a partner ecosystem to support the growing volume of inbound from businesses and communities at all scales. Still, maintaining the integrity of the POAP ecosystem continues to be one of our most challenging and mission critical jobs. For numerous reasons, curation (the process of reviewing petitions for POAP drops) needs to be, and will remain, a manual process for the foreseeable future.

We’ve concluded that this important work deserves better tooling, and stronger processes to maintain the viability of the process, in addition to a bigger team to help throughput scale with demand. If you’d like to apply to join the curation body (in a full or part time capacity), please review the instructions here .

In terms of process, going forward, new issuers will need to submit formal requests in Discourse until curators develop a familiarity with their general activities.

Although curators may approve drops for use cases that are particularly nice or cool, unless you’ve specifically submitted a request through Discourse, there should be no expectation that the request will be reviewed.

In order to submit your petition:

  1. Read the drop guidelines topic, and confirm that your drop is compliant with the spirit of the policy.
  2. Create a topic in #curation:appeals with your POAP event ID and drop date in the title. Please note, before being able to make a topic, you need to have spent at least 10 minutes on the forum, or read 30 posts.
  3. Provide an explanation of the intended drop, including details on how you plan to distribute the POAPs
  4. Please await confirmation of the review by the curators.

When your petition is approved, you’ll receive an email to the email address submitting the request (possibly with mint links, if you requested them), in addition to a confirmation on Discourse. If you don’t see the email, check your spam filter, and please let the curation team know!


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