Curator Guidelines: Cataloging policy

This thread is to catalog minor policy changes as well as the development of edge-cases as they are proposed and ratified.



Testing POAPs:

  • Must be clearly marked as such, preferably in both the title and the artwork.
  • Must be marked private to avoid creating noise across various platforms.
  • Should not request an arbitrarily large volume of codes.
  • Deliveries are not open for testing.

Engagement farming:

  • Anything explicitly stated to the tune of “{do X} to receive this POAP” is in conflict with the spirit of the Proof of Attendance Protocol, and as such will generally result in a higher degree of scrutiny.
  • This is especially true when pertaining to sensitive affairs (political conflicts).
  • Repeat violations of this policy will likely not produce good results.
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Thank you for the updates! :tada:

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POAP Delivery

  • POAP Delivery is an airdrop-like system intended to be produced with on-chain data.
  • If the dataset you used is not produced directly on-chain or with a system linking on-chain and off-chain data, please explain how it was produced. Issuers retain responsibility for acting as the oracle that confirms attendance, and as such, leaving a Google Form in the Discord chat is insufficient to attest to attendance of the named collectors.
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