Curation Body Report: Setting Precedent for Farmers

POAP is a curated ecosystem for the preservation of memories, designed to be used by individuals. The act of minting a POAP has to be a conscious action taken by a collector wanting to create a bookmark of an event relevant to their life. Using automated systems to get POAPs without actively participating on the communities that create them is against the spirit of the protocol and isn’t tolerated.

The POAP Curation Body has run a deep investigation, and found that most of the POAPs in the account 0xAA312EB19552F924dfC47bFefE47F35A902fC595 have been obtained exploiting vulnerabilities in the delivery systems, including guessing random strings of six digit on the minting page (POAP - The bookmarks of your life)

The suggested action by the POAP Curation Body is to proceed with burning the collection.

This extreme measure sets a strong precedent and we want the community to understand the thought process behind it.

For the next couple days we will leave this conversation open and receive feedback. Unless a strong case is made against and the community comes to consensus on the appropriate actions, the burning will take place on March 12th.


Only a fair collection is reasonable. I found that some account addresses can get any active poap, and it is this loophole that is exploited to destroy the environment. It is recommended to destroy the abnormal address collection immediately.


This is a big move from POAP and I am in support of it. POAP to me is a way to help foster and engage a community, and preserve the memory of things that happened. There are many people who are actually showing up and participating in these events, and want to get POAPs and deserve them. From an issuer standpoint, this getting POAPs into all the right people’s hands is not always an easy task. So when we have farmers coming along and sniping POAPs, it not only dilutes the experience and memory for the community, but also crushes the efforts of issuers.

So as this is a drastic move, I think this can set a precedent, and will help to flush out bad actors. I am sure new ways will be discovered to mercilessly farm POAPs, but each step towards eliminating options I am in favor of that.

Thank you POAP Team for all your hard work and dedication!


While it is indeed radical to burn POAPs that have been minted by users, there is certainly no problem if there is clear evidence that an address is in violation of the terms of service.

The issue system also needs improvement, such as increasing the complexity of random strings.


I am very disgusted with poap farmers taking advantage of the current supervision loopholes to collect poap behavior endlessly, which has caused too many loyal users in the community to lose their event participation credentials. The attitude of the team represents the attitude of most poap users.

I support burning the collection directly.

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Good job!
But I just wonder why block me on tweet after I endorsed your tweet: “P.O.A.P. was established in 2018 by @worthalter, @gomox_ar, @dmf7z and @reneil1337 and grew slowly (and then all at once) through the enthusiastic adoption of issuers and passionate POAP collectors”

interesting… thought I am a farmer?

I know there indeed are some groups that actively collecting POAPs, but I am not one of them and never was one of those who use bots. I collected POAPs just out of my personal collecting interest and try to make some friends, and so do my friends. I could never believe you guys think me/us in that way, I nearly stopped collecting POAP since you blocked me. But you should know I have nothing to do with these bots behavior. you have your reputation, I have mine… you don’t regard me as friend, me vice versa. Farmers use their skills to crack the code, to guess the code, I despise this kind of behavior, but I understand it’s human nature to pursue interest, especially for those people only come for money. regarding POAP, no one can stop them except you guys, it’s you guys’ responsibility to distinguish these bots out, not block enthusiastic collectors like me, anyway, who cares. But if you hurt the people who really care about the project, then as a matter of fact you are hurting yourself. This world is diversified and more inclusive with the crypto world, if you just block people based on nothing and become centralized, people just walk away, plenty of new/interesting things out there.


thanks to everyone who posted here. We aren’t indifferent to your pain and will take action to eliminate it.


Such an interesting case!

At the risk of playing devils advocate to start more of discussion.
Apologies because I don`t know the internal discussions well but just some questions.

Is this the first time a POAP collection has been burned?

This will set a precedent for farmers of course but also set a precedent for ALL users of the platform (issuers, users, artists) that this is a centralized system and that the POAP team could at anytime burn your POAPs.

NFTs were stolen from OpenSea but the NFTs were not burned due to the theft.

Are there other options possible such as flagging the account and making it unusable, or marking the POAPs as void? Sorry just throwing out ideas. Not sure what is technically possible.

What do the Issuers of those POAPs want done? Do the issuers want the POAPs burned or maybe returned to them?

Maybe the issuers of those POAPs should also be penalized for poor issuance that led to hacking or other means of gaining access to the POAPs in a illegitimate fashion?

Again, for clarity, I am just playing devils advocate for discussion. Please dont hate me.


Good job!! Every POAP is precious!!


support👏,done will, We can’t allow people to exploit vulnerabilities to get poaps

About the 6 char secret, I had concerns months back:

The secret should be bumped to 8 or 9 chars which would increase the domain space exponentially and make guessing almost impossible.


good job, I like it. Every POAP is precious!!


Every POAP is precious!!

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New Farmers Report:

They have so many repeated POAPs why?

:angry: :angry: :angry:
:angry: :angry: :angry:


I found another one!


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It’s just a bit of a long time to see this account really get emptied.

no defense, but curious, have you checked whether those same poaps are bought by the guys from secondary market or really claimed by same address as farm? It should be no problem to buy multiple poaps from market right?

Oh! You are right!
I go check now!!

I found more weird records…
First, these Pink Guy POAPs are 10 now (last time is 9).

These POAP token ID were:
4976994 4976995 4976999 4977003 4977008
4977022 4977027 4977034 4977040 4977084

Then, they lead me to see this.
Transaction Hash

All of them from :
This Guy 0x1564c46ddd718f5f1da28595836535dd1df7868a
A participant should get the POAPs by mint, which wallet should be as 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000.
He also has bunches of other same POAPs. :face_with_monocle:
(So weird too)

There are only transfer(POAPtoken) records, no transaction(cash) records.
I don’t know what are they doing about these POAPs.

But I have to say these records are suspicious to me…
Is there a POAP Market on xDai Chain???!!! :star_struck: Really curious!!

After all, these records don’t look like the above use way…
||okey… maybe they are trying to unlock the possibilities…||

Thank for the powerful blockchain :crazy_face:

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Of course there’s a secondary market of poaps that has been recommended by the poap team:

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