Creating POAPs for the World Cup we won 20 years ago - unfortunately not working

Hey guys…

I am part of a field hockey team that won the world cup in 2002. After 20 years we - team and staff, 25 people in total, are going to meet mid april, and as a story line in the pre-event phase I would like to offer a POAP for every match played. I have already created two POAPs but I am experiencing some issues… the most important one is that I cannont “mint” via app and QR code.

The corresponsing POAP ID are:
30243 → name: World Hockey Championship 2002 - GAMEONE
30250 → name: GAMETWO - World Hockey Championship 2002

I created a mint website and I received confirmation mails, but as I said, there are issues:
On 30243 there are no more POAP to mint… but I haven’t shared any info/ QR code about it.
On 30250 the secret is not available…

I plan to issue 7 more poaps in the next 11 days, one for each match, but I have to prepare the grafix and metadata, that’s why they are not already submitted. There should only be 25 POAPs, cause only 25 people participated…

The name of the upcoming POAPs will be very similar:
GAMETHREE - World Hockey Championship 2002
GAMEFOUR - World Hockey Championship 2002
GAMEFIVE - World Hockey Championship 2002
GAMESIX - World Hockey Championship 2002
GAMESEVEN - World Hockey Championship 2002
SEMIFINAL - World Hockey Championship 2002
FINAL - World Hockey Championship 2002

Time constraint: The second game took place today (!) 18:05h, and that is exactly the time I wanted to share the QR code. Next game in two days, and so on.

What do you think? I really believe that this is the original idea behind the POAPs. I want to collect memories with my team, introduce them to POAP (and then NFTs) and have fun together with them.

Pls support the idea and let’s make sure, that I can “deliver” the POAPs on time.

Thanks for your help!

Website Wiki: 2002 Men's Hockey World Cup - Wikipedia
(We are the German team :wink: )

Thanks! We were wondering what this was about. I’ve gone and reviewed the drops you submitted, and will keep in mind that these are legitimate in the future.

Hey Isabel, many thanks…
Short question. I received a code list. Does the QR code still work in this case?

If not, is there any chance to get a QR code?

Pls let me know…
Cheers, Björn

Or may be the reason that the original mint time is not reached yet?! The game was 20 years ago, today, 18:05 :wink:

Generally, Websites are recommended for certain specific cases [and it may be an issue with the configuration]. Particularly for small events, distributing individual mint links often makes more sense. Highly recommend you try ; you can display the mint links as QR codes on a mobile device or tablet.

Thanks, I will take a look.
A second small question… Can I log on any **** with the discourse credentials? I wasn’t able to log in with these two poap drops…

You in fact cannot, at all.

Most POAP applications don’t require a log in :slight_smile:

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Hi Isabel, hi Team,

everything went well so far.
Only the GAMESEVEN and GAMENINE are missing the mint links… so there might be an approval step missing.

ID numbers:

Could you pls check? Thanks a lot in advance…