Create a precious collectible with POAP Drops!

If you’re a member of the POAP Community, you may have already heard about the exciting launch of POAP Drops, a new platform for creating unique digital collectibles. If you haven’t had a chance to peruse the announcement yet, be sure to check it out.

We invite you to use the platform to create a POAP that commemorates a special moment or event in your life. Here are a few examples to spark your creativity:

Ideas for a POAP drop
  • A memorable dinner with loved ones
  • An interesting event you attended
  • A milestone birthday celebration
  • A fun outing with friends
  • An exciting concert or music festival
How to easily create a POAP drop
  1. Select the memory you want to preserve, preferably one that you have a photo from.
  2. Head to the POAP Drops website and create a free account.
  3. Upload your photo or artwork, and add a title and description.
  4. Request some mint links and send one to each person that experienced that memory!
  5. Share your POAP Drop in this thread, and why that memory is precious to you.

We look forward to seeing the precious digital collectibles you create!


POAP Drops is one of the best tools ever for POAP Community. Thank you and thanks to Mentor for building this great feature :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I love POAP Drops!

Here is a POAP I made: POAP Gallery

It’s memorable for me because it was my first time seeing the Red Rocks Amphitheater, and it was with a great group of friends! :heart:

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acabo de crear el poap numero #111145 de fork forest. la pagina funciono excelente! todo muy intuitivo!

i create the #111145 of fork forest. tha page work amazing. Thanks for the upgrade


POAP Drops is an amazing tool! Recently had the chance to try it and the experience was flawless.

Here’s the POAP I created with the new platform #110448, was for our weekly trivia:


I’m so happy to say goodbye to edit codes haha, just one beautiful page to manage every detail about the drop.

Congrats on this great achievement :smiley:


Que genial la nueva web, excelente trabajo Fio y equipo.


try Nima for your comments!
Looking forward to see the POAPs you create with POAP Drops :star_struck:

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Thanks for your comments, Muke!

Your GIF is beautiful, ty for sharing it!
Enjoy your event :blue_heart:

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Gracias @gauf

Esfuerzo colaborativo de todo el equipo de POAP y de esta hermosa comunidad :purple_heart:
Gracias por ser parte.

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ty @Pumbi for sharing your experience with POAP Drops!

I’m a big fan of the Solow community and I’m glad you use POAPs to celebrate memorable moments with the Solow friends :pig_nose:

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Hi Fio,What do you think of this POAP :laughing:

[quote=“Fio, post:1, topic:9632”]

I recently used POAP Drops to issue my first POAP, a memento for those who teamed up with me in JokeRace 55. The experience was buttery smooth, with the only minor point of friction being the wait for approval from the POAP Curation Body. I’m hoping there is, or will be, a reputation system that speeds up and streamlines that part of the process for those who have proven to be good actors. Maybe something using Gitcoin Passport?

Overall, though, I’m very pleased with POAP Drops and would recommend it to others. Keep up the great work!

Nice @skye!

I love the artwork, great job! :star_struck:

Thanks Fio, but my POAP Drop has been rejected, I want to know what is the reason :face_holding_back_tears:

It was a great experience, I talked to my colleagues and managed to make a POAP for the event that will be held in the next few days
The design of this POAP was done by myself and it was designed by electronic PCB design software.

With the help of POAP, we will make memories.

Hey @skye
You can contact Customer Support (chat bubble at the right corner) to understand why the petition was rejected and how to improve it :slight_smile: