Contract Addresses + token IDs

I am configuring my and I want to add multiple POAP i have created to be loaded to vote on the same proposal, whether you hold poaptoken1 and/or poaptoken2, you should be able to vote for proposal1
Where do you I find the contract addresses and token ids to configure snapshot please?
Note that the POAP are still on xdai and have not been minted on eth
Thanks !

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Please submit each request through the following Google Form → POAP Snapshot Proposal 🔗 Request

Follow these steps:

Let us know if you have any comments, questions or queries.

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The POAP Curation Body

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Thank you @frankie but the issue with the process is at STEP4

Because my drops have already been created prior to setting up the proposal for which there has been between 9 and 15 mint links, and not “0” as required in STEP4 …

Hey @gmnftfrens

You should submit your petition again (make sure you ask 0 POAPs) and then fill out the form.

If you have any questions, you can contact the POAP Customer Support team via the chat bubble on the POAP website.

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