CONTEST: Historical POAP Moments

Since the creation of POAP slightly more than 4 years ago, there have been many amazing historical moments within not only the Ethereum ecosystem but the entire world!

It’s only fitting that the community would have a contest that celebrates these historical moments!

We want to see what you believe are the top 3 most important and/or historical events that have been preserved on the POAP Protocol.

How to Participate

  1. Create a short article highlighting the 3 POAP events that you think are the most historical.
  2. Once complete, upload your article to this Google Form.
  3. Post a super short summary of your article below in this thread.

Judging and Winners

  1. All high quality submissions will be recognized.
  2. The top 3 submissions will each win $50 (choice of MATIC or ETH).
  3. Winners will be announced during Community Call #32, on August 17th.
  4. To be eligible as a winner, please submit by August 16th at 10PM PST.

Tips and Alpha

  1. A good article might include a short introduction section, a main section (the historical moments / POAPs) and then a short conclusion.
  2. The historical moments section should include the event name, a link to the POAP gallery and your own personal description of why the event is historic.
  3. You can use POAP Gallery to help sort through historical drops.
  4. You can use POAP Scan and enter prolific ENS names to search through their collections.

August 16th at 10PM PST!


Top 3 POAP events that I think most historical:

This is the 1#drop in poap gallery, which officially represents the beginning of poap’s 4-year journey and the start for all poapers to witness.

EIP-1559, perhaps the most important upgrade in the history of Ethereum.
This POAP celebrates all of the hard work and dedication by the Ethereum Foundation and everyone involved to bring such a monumental upgrade to fruition.The highly anticipated block 12,965,000 has finally processed and ushered in EIP-1559.

We all know this man, we grateful for the change he made into the world. Today is Chinese New Year and we are so happy that he can be by our side. Times create heroes, no matter how eager we are for change and glory, the one who leads everyone toward the goal is the hero we need.

My article:Historical Moments


For me, this was a turning point. Because it started a path that led to new experiences. I found out about POAP, even though I didn’t know what it was before.
I met the community @JENetics @MisterMojoRS @superphiz, …And every week I look forward to hearing their voices and learning new things.


its great .poap the best project

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  1. January 2022 MetaMask Community Call
  2. POAP Curation Community Call #1
  3. zkSync Quiz 1

will Chinese blog post also be considered?
or only English?

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1 - the first one is Nice To Meet You 2021 i cant find the link in the gallery this is historical because this is my first POAP and i m start to collect poap

2- the first community call of poap (POAP Gallery) Because i see the team and know what they want to do and one of the community of my fav project

3.this is another one is historical (POAP Gallery) because i m in decentraland
and listen to music and this is great idea and experience !!

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Poap community call #1

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Hello @Anthony! This is a fun campaign, the below 3 POAPs are some of the most historical from my perspective of the world.


  1. Eth Boston
  2. ETHDenver 2019
  3. EthCC
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Zapper Community Call #30 on 17-Dec-2021
POAP Curation Community Call #1 on 14-Jan-2022
Wednesday Weekly Workshop #3 on 02-Mar-2022 .

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Hi everyone :upside_down_face: here is an article where I talk about three historical events.

There’s a bunch of historical moments with POAPs and those are not necessarly the most historical, they’re dope events with nice stories :star2:

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Hello, everyone!
My article - POAP Historical Moments - WENNETHAU - Google Docs
Let’s hope that more historical events await us in the future :fire:

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The first poap, the first animated poap, the first poap ever issued in the metaverse are all historically significant, but our poap collections are deeply personal and so I’ve come up with three milestone poaps that might mean something to all of us.

My article: 3 poaps.pdf - Google Drive

A recent proposal put forward : POAPs and WorldPride 2023.pdf - Google Drive

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1.The First Redeemable NFT in Times Square, Ever!
(POAP Gallery)

2.BAYC at Sotheby’s (POAP Gallery)

3.KnownOrigin X-MESS party! 29 th Dec.2021 (POAP Gallery)

More details of this article, Historical Moments Of POAP. There are lots of historical events… | by salsa | Aug, 2022 | Medium

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Gm everyone, hope you are all doing well! :smile:
Here is my top 3 historical POAPs article:

Cheers! :clinking_glasses:

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Due to the nature of the POAP protocol which creates digital badges via the use of the blockchain technology, various important events related to the blockchain technology have been preserved on the protocol. In my opinion, three of the most important events of the recent years recorded on the POAP protocol, including but not necessarily related to the blockchain technology, are as follows.

1) James Webb Space Telescope Launch - Live Viewer - Dec, 24, 2021

2) 1st COVID-19 Vaccine

3) ConstitutionDAO Contributor

I have written a short article on mirror explaining why these events are significant. Please refer to the following link for further information.

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There have been many incredible milestones/memories around the globe and in the ETH ecosystem. I recently turned in my piece about the three POAPS I think are the most significant minted on the beautiful blockchain. Here are the three events I picked: #1, #6844, and #6748.
Thank you POAP crew for this opportunity!

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I have submitted my entry and I choose :
1.Ethdenver 2019 poap because it was on chain birthday of poap
2. Friend of POAP because it was the first poap on Xdai chain , the scaling solution of POAP
3. The serenity launch which was the first step toward the eth2 and the MERGE!!!

full article : Historical moments : POAP — Whiskey

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