Connect with Like-Minded Collectors using POAP Family

POAP are issued and minted in commemoration of shared experiences. But what happens once you’ve collected a few POAPs? How can you connect with others who share your interests and experiences?

That’s where POAP Family comes in. This new tool offers a fun and engaging way to find collectors that have POAPs in common.

POAP Family enhances the social discovery component from shared memories and allows collectors to explore the ever-growing relationships between them. It creates new connections or strengthen existing ones among individuals and communities.

How can I use POAP Family?

1- Head to

2- Look for a particular drop using the Drop ID. You can find the Drop ID by going to POAP Gallery and searching for the drop by title. For example, the event ID for ETHDenver 2023 POAP is #103093.

3- Select more drops to compare. By selecting any other drop, you’ll see the complete list of collectors for each. POAP Family uses colors to highlight collectors that are present in the selected drops. In the example, we added the Devcon, Bankess and rAAve POAPs.

1- As an issuer, what can I do with POAP Family?
Using POAP Family you can discover:

  • Drop counts and metrics
  • List collectors that have any of the drops in a specific set
  • Exporting lists of collectors

2- Do I need to connect my wallet or sign a message to use POAP Family?
No, POAP Family is permissionless and allows anyone to jump right in and start uncovering the relationships among collectors.

:white_check_mark: You can find more about POAP Family here.

Give POAP Family a try!

Give POAP Family a try and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

  • What would you like to see at POAP Family?
  • Do you have any questions about the tool?

In particular, a look at the common holders of several poap reveals the footprint of historically successful projects

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POAP Family is a great tool for issuers, I like this new version!
Those metrics can be really helpful in understanding what other interests our members have.
The export function is neat and includes a column with ENS names :star2:

It’s also fun to just play around and compare your address to see which POAPs you’ve in common with Vitalik.

People can create their own personal information in poap family, display countries and regions, etc., so that they can make like-minded friends in the real world and participate in other interesting events together.

  1. How can that data be used in Dune? In my opinion, to find more analysis, this information should be found in Dune in simple form.
  2. Is there a Web API available to use its data?
  3. Considering that the comparison is done in color, it is better when we click on a cell in an ENS to be colored in the next sets or to display the report separately.

Finally, thanks for this innovation in providing a special tool from POAP

How do you do that in I mean, create personal information, display countries and regions?

I find quite useful and like it a lot. In fact, we used it a few times during this week for 2 of our POAPs. The possibility to discover common drops, which could be translated to interests, makes it quite useful for discovery of relevant events or communities. Since it belongs to the “family” concept, it would maybe be useful to have a section showing other POAPs issued by the same issuer as the main POAP. I particularly appreciate the fact that POAP continues moving and developing its ecosystem of functionalities.

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I also mentioned this very interesting feature in the previous discussion by explaining that different people can get whatever pops they like according to the activities and things they do and they can also understand what People who are with them in these activities and are on the same path. This feature can have many uses, which I will mention here.

  1. Holding meetings at a specific time and place for people who can meet the co-conspirator at a predetermined place and hold the meeting only by having the desired POAP.
  2. People who have different sexual orientations can find and communicate with people who are close to them in terms of sexual orientation from all over the world with this new feature.
  3. An artist can, by turning a certain work into a POAP, examine the people who receive it in terms of the types of features and the amount of cost and individual differences in the type of taste and their point of view towards the work he has created.
  4. this feature is very important, projects can easily identify active and useful people for their project, and these people can also see the characteristics and activities of other people who work like them in this project. have done other things and can be connected in a way to do more useful group activities.
  5. The last case This feature can also be used to check the distribution of reactions to news and the type of people who react to a rumor or news. In such a way that by broadcasting some kind of news, it is possible to understand which people and with what characteristics they react to it and to analyze them statistically.
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