Connect with Curation: September 2023

:earth_americas: Happy :earth_asia: Friday :earth_africa: POAP! :call_me_hand:

:mag: Enchanted to see you again for another edition of Connect with Curation! :hibiscus: This month we are celebrating POAP Inc’s 2nd Anniversary! :tada: We wanted to take this opportunity to provide a peek at some of our cherished memories.

We intend to recap the last two years of POAP Inc’s success (with POAPs) and share some Proof of Attendance Protocol history while we’re at it.

If you make it to the end of the post, you’ll see the POAP Inc 2 year anniversary POAP!

POAP Inc, established September 9, 2021 :revolving_hearts: has been capturing memories and hearts globally, since its inception as the Proof of Attendance Protocl at ETH Denver in February of 2019.

:clap: Event: 14 ETHDenver - 2019

While the first POAP token was minted May 27, 2019 for ETHDenver, this is actually event 14 in the POAP gallery. The first POAP event 1 was officially DappCon.

:tada: Event: 1 DappCon - July 19, 2018

For an in depth account of POAP history from Denver to DappCon and beyond; check out the POAP 2019 Recap :newspaper: to see the passion that brought POAP from a hackathon project to the global treasure it is today!

:brain: A curatorial note to guide you through this collection of POAPs :eyes:

:compass: Icons have been assigned to the 4 main categories presented. These icons are meant to identify the type of achievement being recognized by the POAP.

  • :tada: Anniversary:

    • Purpose: To mark specific dates in POAP history based on the solar calendar.
    • Significance: Celebrates anniversaries related to POAP.
    • Timeline: Focuses on past dates of importance in the organization’s history.
  • :clap: Milestone:

    • Purpose: Designed to celebrate significant achievements within the POAP ecosystem.
    • Significance: Acknowledges accomplishments and key milestones within POAP.
  • :office: Office:

    • Purpose: Related to the physical POAP Office located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    • Significance: Contains events related to the physical POAP space.
    • Geographical Focus: Centered on the Buenos Aires office.
  • :computer: Internal:

    • Purpose: Related to POAP employee virtual engagements.
    • Significance: Pertains to interactions, events, or initiatives involving POAPers and their virtual celebrations.

Now, let’s get to the POAPs! :medal_military:

:mantelpiece_clock:These POAPs are presented chronologically :mantelpiece_clock:

:office: Event: 7,386 1 Million POAPs @ HQ - September 10, 2021

:clap: Event: 10,443 Early Issuers - October 13, 2021

:clap: Event: 17,587 POAP Engineers celebrate 3M POAPs! - December 7, 2021

:computer: Event: 19,841 Happy Holidays - POAP Team 2021 - December 23, 2021

:office: Event: 34,006 You’ve visited the POAP office in 2022 - March 18, 2022

:computer: Event: 35,064 POAP All-Hands Meeting April 2022 - April 5, 2022

:computer: Event: 40,724 You’ve not visited the POAP BOOTH - April 18, 2022

:computer: Event: 42,084 Happy Workers’ Day at POAP - May 1, 2023

:clap: Event: 59,601 ETHLatam 2022 - Patricio Worthalter Speaker Session - August 13, 2022

:tada: Event: 64,438 POAP Inc’s one year anniversary - September 9, 2022

:tophat: You are over halfway through! Take a shake break and dive into the next year of POAP Inc fun!

:computer: Event: 80,667 :jack_o_lantern: Happy POAPlloween! :jack_o_lantern: - October 31, 2022

:clap: Event: 91,361 6 Million POAPs! - December 5, 2022

:office: Event: 95,297 You’ve visited the POAP office in 2023 - January 1, 2023

:tada: Event: 108,842 Celebrating 4 Years of POAP - February 15, 2023

:clap: Event: 110,338 Official launch of POAP Drops - March 16, 2023

:clap: Event: 147,778 :notebook: POAP BrandBook launch :notebook: - August 16, 2023

And now the POAP you’ve been waiting for… :partying_face:

:tada: Event: 149,552 POAP’s 2nd Anniversary - September 9, 2023

:partying_face: Thank you for taking a few minutes to stop and reflect on this special anniversary for us!
Please take a moment to show celebratory acknowledgement in the way most comfortable to you! Share it on the moon :rocket: :full_moon: POAP Inc is 2! :tada:

Thanks for tuning in, I bid you a good day, until the canvas calls again :wave:

Amanda :blue_heart: :unicorn:

POAP Curation Lead