Connect with Curation: August 2023

:earth_americas: Hola POAP Family! :earth_africa: Happy Friday! :earth_asia:

I’ve got something exciting to share with you all! :partying_face:

As some of you may know, in our ecosystem, “You’ve met me” POAPs can sometimes function as web3 business cards, marking memorable moments in our journeys and connecting us long after the party is over. :dancer: But have you ever taken a closer look at the special POAPs that celebrate the incredible people we’ve met along the way? Well, today’s your lucky day because I’ve got :six: amazing “You’ve met me” POAPs to showcase from the recent Ethereum Community Conference, also known as EthCC. EthCC is the largest annual European Ethereum event, focused on technology and community. It is a treat to present to you some of the unique “You’ve met me’s” distributed over the 4 day conference event.

:one: The Standout: :star2: 143805

:two: The Salty Psychedelic: :salt: :art: 143302

:three: The Sci-fi Sage: :brain: 142574

:four: The Team Collection: :handshake: 142654

:five: The Classic: :muscle: 142770

:six: The Cool Cat: :smiley_cat: 144139

Now, here’s the fun part! I’m calling on all of you to share your own POAPs and stories of your favorite encounters with fellow community members!

Share the gallery link and story of a "You’ve met me” you are proud to hold in your POAP collection!

Let’s spread the love and celebrate the awesome people who make the POAPverse and web3 space a fantastic place to be! Share your stories below and let’s cherish those magical connections! :rainbow::sparkles:

If you’d like to learn more about the “You’ve met me" POAPs, I’d highly recommend reading the “You’ve met me” Use Case Guidelines published on the Curation Gitbook additionally, you can check out this well crafted piece written by @Fio from the POAP Comms team; Make your connections meaningful with “You’ve met me” POAPs

Thanks for tuning in, I bid you a good day, until the canvas calls again :wave:

Amanda :blue_heart: :unicorn:

POAP Curation Lead


It’s truly delightful to witness issuers channeling their creativity into crafting unique You’ve Met Me POAPs to commemorate meeting new people! :blue_heart:

Among the POAPs I minted at EthCC, Deadpine’s stood out to me. Not only is she a wonderful friend, but also a lovely person. Seeing her in person during the event in Paris made me very happy.

Thanks @NFTA for this amazing compilation of POAPs!

I eagerly await the arrival of more You’ve Met Me POAPs. Can’t wait for what’s to come!

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I’m new here, but I like them very well!



I like it

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Hey @medyaishere, welcome! :purple_heart:

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:blue_heart: Futuristic Jesus, I like it!

Welcome! Thanks for joining in the conversation. :slight_smile: We were all new here at least once before.

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I have not yet had the pleasure to meet @yeysus IRL, maybe next EthCC! :eyeglasses:

This is a great post, @NFTA. Thanks for putting it together.

I’ve always thought that ‘You’ve met me’ POAPs have great potential and some of these, especially those with movement, look awesome.

I’ve been wondering if the creators of these poaps have any content on YouTube showing how they were made and if so, perhaps links could be provided for others to get creative themselves.

If not, perhaps some should be made to help spread the word?


Good day @nealw!
Happy to see you discoursing with us here again!
That is a solid idea! Thank you for sharing. Have you spotted any cool You’ve met me’s in the wild that have sparked your creativity?

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Hi @NFTA, I reckon ‘The Standout’ is a fine example with some movement, it is certainly eye-catching.

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