Community updates and brainstorming process

Dear POAP Community,

It’s been a thrilling ride navigating the last six weeks with all of you.

On January 11th, we introduced the POAP Curation Body: a team being created within POAP inc. to take on the challenge of cultivating our ever-growing community.

Since then, we’ve reviewed approximately 7000 drops, resulting in the minting of approximately 600,000 POAPs, and the addition of approximately 150,000 collector wallets to the POAP ecosystem. We’ve also published policy documents and rules of community engagement; hosted a series of community calls; moved towards a more transparent review process; and put key infrastructure for sustainable growth in place. We’re excited to bring you all more towards the end of March, but today, I’d like to initiate a practice of gathering your input about the processes that are being established.

When we launched Discourse, we intended to address a few specific problems:

  • Creating transparency in the review and appeals process
  • Establishing a persistent channel of communication with our community
  • Stepping towards having a coherent policy, which the community is involved in developing

Having the petition appeal process in Discourse, as unwieldy and confusing as it is to follow, was representative of our commitment to a transparent decision making process (even when this was hard).

All that being said, we’ve made substantial progress on what we wanted to achieve, and are once again contemplating moving the bar forward. Today, I wanted to get your thoughts on what that looks like.

When it comes to petition appeals, what’s really needed is a ticketing system. Curation ops tooling has made substantial progress since early January, which is what’s allowed us to process as many petitions responsibly this month as we have in the last several. With a dedicated team established, the one thing left in the bucket is a substantially more parseable status and issuer-curator communications system.

Product has some things in the pipeline for this, but it likely won’t roll out until the end of March. In the meanwhile, a form would create a much more manageable flow of data, which would likely result in much faster review and response time.

I wanted to open the question up to everyone on the forum: How do you all feel about transitioning to something with a better data flow, and keeping the forum for more interesting issues?


Yeah, so discourse is forum technology.

Having all these threads with POAP is interesting because, in a way it can help both POAP and the POAP events because it offers a bit of publicity, others more on the fence might see it as spam. I don’t see it as spam.

Migrating to a ticket system will have some advantages but you’ll lose the publicity and wide transparency especially if all those tickets are private.

In terms of how easy is to make a drop request, I think discord for me was a bit easier but not with much, If I were to estimate it was around 20% easier, but my opinion is that switching to discourse was worth considering the benefits.

So simply put it I am happy with the current system, the only suggestion I would make is to make the forum visible to guests too (people without an account).


I strongly support the use of a ticketing system for responding to mint code issuance questions. It just seems like the right fit for the problem.


I think a ticketing system for handling POAP curation could be helpful. I like that the discussions for POAP curation are open and transparent and hope they can remain that way. I suggest more categories for specific discussions would be valuable here. Maybe dedicate a category that’s only for ticket discussions and create a few other areas for other POAP topics/subtopics. This would to make it easier for the community to find things discuss and chime in on.


Indeed, Discourse is better suited to handle these chores and represents a real base for us. :100:


The establishment of a community-only forum is a great improvement in itself, congratulations on the growth of the project.

I am also glad that the team has been continuously improving some actual problems. I think new things should be encouraged and supported, and let it run first. then we’ll see what happens later.


Reviewing 7000 drops since January is crazy! Lots of growing going on.

The idea of using a ticketing system and all the tools and functions that that includes is a great idea. Is an open / public viewable ticketing system a thing? maybe not?

But as you said using a ticketing system in conjunction with discourse for deeper discussions on specific topics and learning moments that is public facing is great also. I have learned a lot reading the discourse posts.

Looking forward to all things new and improving the POAP ecosystem. Thanks for your hard work!


I’m really glad to see the rapid development of poap. I think it’s a good way. Thank the team for their efforts


It’s hard to make a transparent decision that can convince everyone. A ticketing system will be a good choice, but I think discourse is needed as well.
Compared with discord, this forum is a better format to focus more on POAP technology or construction suggestions.
As the community growing rapidly , there needs to be a dedicated place to resolve problems (by topic), you known, sometimes discord is so chirp.
And I also have a little problem as “unauthenticated” when I used the POAP app, I’m curious if this problem is just me, or it’s related to regular updates.(I found the restful api is updated for both functions and address)
Finally, Thanks to the poap team for your efforts.

  • What apps would you like to see that would make POAPs even more powerful tools for building identity and reputation?

I’d like to see the app include a search option so if I am having a conversation about some concert I went to, I or the person I’m speaking with can easily search the concert name or other key word to find a POAP related to the event

  • Do you have any areas of concern or confusion related to POAPs as an identity/reputation tool, or to the broader digital collectible identity ecosystem?

I’d like to see POAP be made “sufficiently” soulbound, and I believe we already have everything we need to make this happen.

  • The original recipient of a POAP is all onchain, so we know the address of who actually attended the event.
  • With the API add the ability to see the original minter instead of the current holder.
  • For the POAP transfer function, require a message to be signed by the receiving address and then that signed message to be signed by the sending address. This setup would make it reasonably difficult to implement in marketplaces and produce a reasonable deterrent to secondary sales as well as sufficient confidence that the addresses are owned by the same entity.
  • For POAPs that have already been transferred from the minted address, the address currently holding the POAP can sign a message and then have the minting address sign that message. Likewise, this would provide sufficient confidence that the addresses are owned by the same entity.