Clarity on my request for poap via snapshot

Hi all,
I was asked to post here to do a request to integrate POAP to our snapshot vote.

Event ID: 25292
Proposal ID: 0x36a90ad818288388610c4d0ba17aef630bd8739be0aef2cf8d6f52294ca79811
Community Name: NFBEEZ
URL to the Proposal: Snapshot

In short, we created a multi community/dao nft collection. We want to see which community was represented(supported) the most to do a prize for that community (using snapshots quadratic voting) In order to vote you need to have an nft and well the POAP is… proof of participation. Snapshot was used to timestamp and really avoid all the POAP abuse.

Hi :wave: @Billyjitsu

Curation is reviewing your request (Typically, we will be able to answer within 24hrs)
We will be able to provide you with some advice + resources very soon.

Thank you for your patience :pray:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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appreciate you guys responding. yes. Looking forward to the response on this.

Hi @frankie just doing a follow-up to this request. I know you guys are super busy with eth Denver event coming up (hopefully see you there)!
Just checking in to see status.

Hey @Billyjitsu,
We are in the process of linking your event.
I will confirm here once it’s done.

Hey @Billyjitsu ,
Your event just got linked ! :slight_smile:
Visit your proposal to mint it.

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Appreciated, was there anything I did wrong on my part for future reference?

I know there is a poap mania. Lol

Just eant to make sure I’m following guidelines

Yes, there’s a POAP mania! LOL

You did it perfectly :slight_smile: Thanks for asking!